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I want to play, but...

ReallyNow10ReallyNow10 Member UncommonPosts: 2,255

I love MMORPG's, especially fantasy PVE MMO's, and no MMO has ever had as much polish and run so smoothly as WOW.  The art style is rich and the colors vibrant.  The class system is simple, yet excellent.  There are tons and tons of things WOW did just right.

But I cannot bring myself to play WOW, much as a I need an MMO to play.  "Phasing", "cutscenes", "linear storyline gameplay" just grate on me.  I mean really grate; nerd rage stuff.  Seriously, I'm almost gnashing my teeth when I see what the new dev team has done to this game.

Any time I send a character out into the world, I wonder what phased portion of the world I am in or am missing, and feel my character must be completely out of sync in this manner with the rest of the population.  The game just feels disjointed now, like it is no longer a world.

WOW was a great game, but until they scale back this overuse of "phasing" and handholding (really control over how you play), I cannot bring myself to resub.  I really think the new dev team has gone down a very bad design path with this game.


  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,097

    It's still linear but maybe LoTRO would be up your alley. It's got nearly as much polish as WoW but with a more open world/less phasing.

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  • ReallyNow10ReallyNow10 Member UncommonPosts: 2,255

    Originally posted by skeaser

    It's still linear but maybe LoTRO would be up your alley. It's got nearly as much polish as WoW but with a more open world/less phasing.

     That's true.  Used to be WOW was more open, but LOTRO definitely would be more so now.

  • Short-StrawShort-Straw Member Posts: 422

    LoTRO really sounds like your best bet. The only way WoW is bearable is if you have friends to play with. The community is the absolute worst I've ever dealt with. Even in large guilds you can catch flak from your own guildmates.


  • awiaawia Member Posts: 96

    TBH from your post it seems vanguard:saga of heroes would be up your alley, completely open world...even the dungeons are part of the open world, some of the best pve classes(very limited pvp, completely avoidable) I have ever played...and this is coming from a pvper gamer.


    just gotta get used to the non existant dev team


    if you play and you want to elimate fog in the game type in /setfog 9000, and then you can see for literally miles ahead of you and reach that mountain that you saw from 3 miles away, damn...loved that about the game

  • BrianshoBriansho Member UncommonPosts: 3,586

    I can't bring myself to pay full price for the expansion. How long has it been out now?

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  • MeTedMeTed Member Posts: 129

    The open world played a big part in WOW's success imo, back in the day when people were happy playing with others . Now the phasing seems fitting for the current player mentality  I leveled 2 alliance toons to 85 on a medium-high pop PVP server that favored Horde but not overly imbalanced. Even in Horde dominated questing zones, very few cared about doing any world PVP. My druid got ganked a few times and the Paladin maybe once.

    Blizzard seems to have more of a COD mindset now. Short campaigns/leveling then off to a lobby waiting for queues to pop up.

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