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Darkfall Online alternative?

VanXoVanXo Member Posts: 2

Is it anything like Darkfall Online out there?

Its the most intense PVP i have ever experienced and i cant find anything like it.


Please help me find something else to keep me busy :)


  • xenomxenom Member UncommonPosts: 114

    well closest thing would be earthrise i'd say but the territoral warfare is not in yet. i would wait until it is live (should be rdy in maybe a week or 2) to see if it is any good. population is not that high atm due to release issues and TW not being in yet.

    also combat is a tad slower than in DF but on the other hand there is more specialization with more weapons that play totally different and way less grind due to that you don't need to skill everything.


    i personally played DF since release but am enjoying ER a lot more right now even tho the conquering part is not in yet and population is kinda low.

  • VanXoVanXo Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for the reply. :)

    But i dont think earthrise is the game type for me :p

  • ltankltank Member UncommonPosts: 293

    Aside from Ultima Online, the closest thing I can think of would be Mortal Online. I believe they have a trial.

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