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Old MMO's

WAlex234WAlex234 Member Posts: 66

so i recently been looking for an older mmo to play thats still really populated and is still active. and would like to get some feedback on certain games im trying now befor i get to far into them and decide i just wasted alot of time :).


-- not picky but love pvp


-- ive recently looked at L2 never played it befor and have heard its really good is it worth gitting into?


-- and i just dwnloaded ryzom whats the thoguhts on this game?


-- and i havent tryed it but AC is this game still populated/active??


----- so are any of these games worth the time and effort needed to play them???


- ty for all that post with feedback :)

Currntly:Searching for The game



  • ideationideation Member Posts: 19

    Ultima Online is still around. It uses a classic 2D art style and released a higher res, minimal 3D version several years ago. The game still has a community, although it's absolutely nothing like what it use to be. You can open trial accounts and try it for 14 days free of charge. It's extremely robust in terms of content, quests and player capabilities. My favorite aspect for the longest time was the capability of owning, customizing and furnishing a home (house). It's still p2p at $12.99/mo but if classic's what you're looking for, that game certainly offers it.

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