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dg2903dg2903 Member Posts: 51

Hi guys, I'm looking for a free MMORPG that Graphic look as good as Aion, cool looking skill animation, High rate. Which game should i choose ?


  • SerenexSerenex Member UncommonPosts: 126

    Go look up Guild wars 2, it will be out 11/9/11. Amazing Graphics


  • NideliaNidelia Member Posts: 43

    I think he's wanting something now. ;)

    Are you only looking for a game with that good of graphics, or is there anything more that you want from it?  Because I know Perfect World International makes games with as good of graphics along with GPotatoe's Rappelz.

    Can we see on the other side? No, but can the other side see us? Maybe, maybe not, guess we won't find out until we're supposed to.

  • dg2903dg2903 Member Posts: 51

    Thanks. I did play Rapple of GP for about 2 month, it has good graphic i agree but that game is base on Hard Grinding. and PW is good. I think i might try to give it another shot. Anyway, i still want some more different suggestion. I knew those 2 games and i even know you guys will suggest me to play those :D

  • ideationideation Member Posts: 19

    Originally posted by Serenex

    Go look up Guild wars 2, it will be out 11/9/11. Amazing Graphics

    Just out of curiousity, what source did you gather the release date from? As far as I can tell, the release date is still marked as unannounced not only by the official site but all credible sources that I'm familiar with. Supposedly closed/open BETAs are to occur later in 2011, but so far nothing to indicate it's exact release in 2011 or early 2012.

  • QuasiRainQuasiRain Member Posts: 125

    It would really depend on what feature you find most important. Personally, I love PvP, so I'm currently playing Aika Global.

    Try it if you like. The installer is like, only about 500MB (1.5GB client) and the required specs are low too. Why not give it a shot?

    *image not mine. XD


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