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Beta Tester...

navajinavaji Member UncommonPosts: 22

I have been testing now for a few days.

Game is good, it has a long ways to go but I feel they will get it to a good deep polished state.

So far about all you can do is fight and conduct missions (similar to what you find on FB games), there is a little mindless production that is only useful to your toon directly. Hopefully they will emplement a sale and trade model so that we can sell of produced goods. 


I encurage other to test out the game, as more features are added the game will get the depth it deserves.




  • madeuxmadeux Member Posts: 1,786

    Signing up now :)

  • BACONXBACONX Member UncommonPosts: 250

    I'm highly interested in playing this game. Hopefully more positve comments will begin forming in the forums.

  • M4koM4ko Member Posts: 385

    joined it, it seems to be more engaging than other facebook games where you do the job for this exp and use up this much stamina, but so did those FB games too at first, later one you realize that youre doing it all for nothing. ANyway so far i am enjoying it, so its definately worth checking out.

  • AtmaDarkwolfAtmaDarkwolf Member UncommonPosts: 353

    Tried it.. get to the 'mapping area' loading scren, bar gets a little sliver, then stops and hangs there indefinatly.


    Can;t even say anything about the game yet :P

  • KeithDragoonKeithDragoon Member Posts: 21

    I tried to sign up to try it but tells me my code is invalid so I guess I'll be sitting out on this one. >.<


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