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Prius Gameplay and Info

QazzQazz Member Posts: 577

This game has been flying under the radar, mostly because it's a f2p title I imagine.  I've been following Prius for only just a week or so and the more I find out, the more intrigued I get.

Basically it's an mmo that has been released in Asia, and is now just getting into closed beta here in the states.

Here is a gameplay video 

From what I can tell it's a game that looks very similar to Aion, Lineage and TERA.  It also looks like it includes a player housing type system called the Atrium that you can decorate and store items.

The 3 Character system is very interesting.  Basically you adopt an Anima which you raise that follows you on your journey.  Eventually you also obtain a Giga whch is basically a giant your Anima will summon to fight with you.

Out of the gate, my understanding is that character customisation isn't all that varied.  I'm guessing that the cash shop will allow players to further customise thier characters.

I haven't actually played, so I have no clue how smooth the combat or movement is.  

I'd love to hear from folks that have played the game so we can get a better idea what to expect.


  • fjcastelfjcastel Member Posts: 127

    i just got my beta key yesterdays and installed the client ...  i am also very inetrested on its play style


  • xafordxaford Member Posts: 19

    I'm downloading the client right now, I think the game is actually good (based on youtube gameplay videos).

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