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Truly Awful

ukforzeukforze Member Posts: 331

As a browser game  whether its flash or whatever, its still poor, i've played a lot of

flash games & there decent fun for 5 mins, like some of the old c64 & other early

gaming platforms.


This though is just plain poor, I wouldn't play this if it was a free browser game,

nevermind a P2P LOL WTF!


how the hell can this be an mmo!? ...its not... just cos it has a monthly sub WTF!?

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  • ze789ze789 Member Posts: 21

    anohter person who didnt play it before "reviewing it"... *sigh*


    first of all theres no monthly sub. if u opt in for a monthly payment u get crap that u can get by playing normally earlier and a decreese in the one minute wait to respawn down to 3 seconds. which btw is a crappy deal just play the game for free. BECAUSE ITS FREE AND U DONT TRULY HAVE TO pay for it.

    nextly. you obviously didnt play it or played it for 30 seconds just so you could say you played it.




    either ur a troll or an idiot... so im probably feeding a troll... either that or im talking to an idiot who will force his opinion even if its wrong and has no basis.

    you know that I know that you know that i know that you know that i know....

  • BizzybeastBizzybeast Member Posts: 14

    The only thing thats awful is that there is still people in the gaming community who are so stupidly arrogant that they think their opinion matters so much, that they no longer need to play the games anymore to offer one on them. Im so embarrassed for you because of this. I doubt you even can understand why its so pathetic to do something like this and waste your, but more importantly MY, time by talking out of your.. How do you say it? Bum? Realize you arent some unique snowflake whose generalized opinion can be traded for new cars and fancy electronics. 1600 for this TV? No way, ill give you 450 dollars and 2 of Ukforze's opinions! DEAL! 

    It don't matter if their laughing at you or with you, as long as their laughing- Unique

  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    The game really isn't that bad, but the controls are horrible.  For some reason my left click won't fire weapons, so I ask for help and they tell me to use Ctrl...The only problem with that is that Ctrl + W (asdw is movement keys) is the command to close IE rofl.  I could use the arrow keys to move, however I have to aim with my mouse (right hand), hit ctrl (left hand), and arrows for movement (right leg maybe?).  If the Right click would work to shoot, this game would be totally great, right now it's unplayable.

  • alkarionlogalkarionlog Member EpicPosts: 3,584

    alt is also used to attack, but in your case I would recomend you use the firefox or another browser, also ctrl+w is the default to close tabs in firefox ad IE copy it after when they started to do the same.


    the game is most for survival, you can't go there shooting with guns all time because first it atract more zombies and bosses and they are not easy to kill, some bosses you can kill with melee if you take your time to evade attacks, also its normal 3 -4 hits you are dead so you still need to learn how to dodge,


    you need to eat food too so you can keep getting xp, max feed lvl you net extra 25% of xp, money ammo and healing items are rare, so you should learn how to kill using melee and run when you get agro spikes with is normal, also dependng on the part you are they are more or less common.


    in resume for a browser game it pretty good, if you are the wow peep generation possible you will not like because its difficult, after lvl 10 you only get 10% after each res, and healing items are rare too also have a lvl cap for items so in case you are lvl 11 and use a lvl 10 cap healing you will only heal 3% of your hp, also doctor heal for more and you can pay for it services from other players,a rmor also break too easy so you should still not get hit.

    FOR HONOR, FOR FREEDOM.... and for some money.
  • rj1997rj1997 Member Posts: 3

    because the world is a persistent world, its not P2P no subscription, and its not poor in the slightest. its a good browser game  and even more only like 2 or 3 people work on this project and the games still in the beta days with more to come.

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