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Where are they now?

lovecloneloveclone Member Posts: 57

Thought it might be fun to see where most of the folks involved in CME's crash and burn landed.    It just proves that job market cannot be that bad if you can be employed after working for such a shady company:


Gary Whiting:  Chairman of the Board of CME  -->   MIA (but not in jail)

Tim Jensen:  CEO of CME   -->    Still job hunting

Herb Marsealas:  1st Director of IT   -->    VP at Idea Fabrik Plc.

Shaun Alexander:  Business Developoment  -->     Dir of Bus. Dev. Bandcrashers

Dan Elggren:  Studio Head of CME    -->    NetDevil/Lego

Stu Rose:  1st Art Director of CME   -->   Self Employed

Chris Klug: Creative Director of CME    -->    Carnegie Mellon University

Max Stewart:  2nd  IT Director at CME   -->    Sr. Server Engineer @ Gazillion Ent.

Rod Nakamoto:  Never sure what he did at CME   -->     Founder @ No Strings Toys

Howard Lyon:  2nd Art Director at CME  -->    Self Employed

Demetrius Comes:  3rd Technology Director  -->    Tech Director at Petroglyph Games

Dana Stanton: Executive Asst. to Board Member   -->     Executive Assistant at StandardAero

Roger Piskulick:  CFO of CME    -->    CFO at Global English

David Bielenberg:  Controller of CME & Board Member    -->     MIA

Jake Johnson:  3rd Art Director at CME   -->     Unemployed

Conan Brink:  4th Tech Director   -->     Sr. Software Engineer

Doug Doine:  Director of QA   -->     MIA/Unemployed

Mike Rafford:  General Counsel at CME   -->     VP at Isola Group

Joey Ybarra:  Sr. VP of Ops   -->   Video Game Instructor at Collins College



  • ukforzeukforze Member Posts: 331

    Wow detailed info, how did you come by this?

    The Deathstar destroyed planets...Lucas Arts destroyed Galaxies


  • supremeaaronsupremeaaron Member UncommonPosts: 189

    I know Doug recently got a job in another company as QA, but I don't know the name of the company.

    You are missing some developer like.

    Attila Laczko who was animator on SGW/SGR and is now an animator on the Warhammer 40K mmo over at Vigil Games.

    Shane Hensley is over at Cryptic Studios.

    No idea about the rest personally.

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