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[Question][Class for new player...]

ChachamaruChachamaru Member Posts: 12

Hi Guys :


    After playing AION for almost a week it a good game I recon(Playing as Cleric), but still adoubt does playing Cleric really suitable for new player who are just start playing AION?, should I roll some other class to start with? for example like Ranger or Spirit Master then come back for healing class, just need some idea from you guys who have been playing AION for long time.


  • AdrenenAdrenen Member Posts: 1

    I don't know if ranger or spirit master are good for a new player. I think you should take gladiator if you like warrior . He's quiet easy to play.

  • channel84channel84 Member UncommonPosts: 585

    Cleric is a good class to start. Otherwise go gladiator. cleric can solo end game boss and elite which even spiritmaster is not able to do. Being a cleric you'll have no problem grouping as they're always in high demand. Currently cleric is quite powerful in end game compare to er...chanter

  • abyss610abyss610 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,131

    spiritmaster is what i played, they're really bad ass for pvp. and pve they could solo elites pretty easy. and seeing as you pretty much have to pvp eventually SM is very hard to beat when played right. use to eat clerics for breakfast on mine :P, caster silence, a melee silence (prevents them from using special abilities, also worked on rangers, it was called bodyroot, alot of people didn't even know the spell did that sounds like a root or something but didn't work) fear and eventually an aoe fear. water pet use to have a really good ability called crash but i think they removed it when they let the pets start flying. use to knock people out of the air, they take the big fall dmg and you just finished them off. was funny people would fly over me and attack from above thinking they had the advantage since my pet couldn't fly at the time lol

    had 2 glads cry about me and named me on the Aion official forums because i took them both out by myself 1v2. they was both my level and rifted into my zone picking the fight wich made it all the more fun :) SM also have a life tap but i never had it equiped, was too slow to cast in pvp anyway, and limited on the equipable spells so wasn't giving up bodyroot for it. they have 2 snares and the one you could keep on the target at all times, the cd was shorter than the duration, also insta cast. and they also had the best... umm crap forget what that ability thing all classes could do once inawhile was called... anyway what ever it is, sm had the best one, it super buffed the pets dmg/heal for like 5 or 10 min and if you was grinding you had teh bar over 1/2 full again by the time it wore off.

    on sm tho its best to use the water pet and kite rather than using the earth pet to tank the mobs. earth use to have a shield spell wich made it a great tank but they took it away before we got the game here. so to me atleast, had more downtime useing the tank pet. once you hit like 30 i think it was, SM can go without stoping when you get the pet life tap, it taps thier hp and gives you back like 60% of your mana back i think it was.wasn't a super long cd either 2 min maybe? been a long time since i played been wanted to try it again but haven't felt like redownloading the whole thing again.

    Ranger is fun also, they can kite decent too but their snare had a longer cd than thier spell lasted so made kiting elites a bit more hairy.but starting out as a ranger sux soooooo bad till like 19 or so? seriously worst class till then, you have like 1 bow attack till like 16, at spell levels you keep getting upgrades for those stupid old melee skills you start out with instead of new bow attack to fill out a rotation. i'm thinking it might even be till early 20s till they get fun, but if you tough it out they're a blast!

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