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End-Game ???

carguy07carguy07 Member Posts: 5

i just downloaded this game and im wondering what will keep me interested in the game once i get to max level.. i really dont know anything about the game yet and im trying to debate on buying the premium or whatever its called for 20 bucks...

is there pvp armor i have to grind for in the end?

is there open pvp?

is there pve raid dungeons at level 50?

anything that has to do with end-game that i missed let me know about it please.

.... i just dont want to be sitting there after working for lvl 50 and not doing anything and wasting the money i spent for it.


  • SetsunSetsun Member UncommonPosts: 286

    I have all classes maxed and i still have things to do.

    lvl 30+ gives you access to PvE Sonoran Raid, Umax, DA, Epic gear, New PvP bracket and Holo armor.

    lvl 50 gives you access to AvA, full Conquest Gear, New Dome City Raid, and etc.

    AvA is what you do mostly when u reach end game or Dome City Raids if you are into PvE.

    ps: No Open World pvp and yes you have to farm tokens for Top gear.

  • twodayslatetwodayslate Member Posts: 724

    The only major difference between free agent and elite agent is the fact that you actually get weapon and armor drops for winning pve or pvp matches.  Elite also doubles the tokens, credits and xp, but that isn't that big a deal (boosts double them again, and give you a second loot drop).  The raids that you get access to at 30 and 40 (just two) are fun but the whole hour countdown timer thing is kind of a drag.  The security rated missions get boring fast, only saving grace is that they take all of ten minutes to accomplish.

    It'll take you awhile to get to 50, I just hit 30 and gave up on the game, since frankly, that is where it ends if you are into the pvp end of things.  1-20 can be accomplished within a few hours, 20-30 took me the better part of a week.  They seem to have two level brackets: 1-29 and 30+.  The first one isn't so bad, since even with 28 levels between you, most people you face won't have a shit ton of high end gear.  That changes when you get into the second one though, when you find yourself getting knocked about by people who just shrug off your attacks.  There's AVA too, but that is completely out of the question unless you are max level, you just end up being more of a hinderance to your team if you aren't 50.

    All in all, I'd say it is worth getting the elite upgrade for the time it'll keep you entertained.  You can get it for ten bucks if you find someone in-game (or on the forums) who will give you one of their discount codes.

  • carguy07carguy07 Member Posts: 5

    alright thank you for the feedback very helpful =D

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