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PainbringerPainbringer Member Posts: 63

Shut down on November 16, 2010.


  • KatomaruKatomaru Member Posts: 1

    The game isn't dead, it was suppose to be shutdown and redesigned so it could be release this summer. However I haven't heard and news recently about It's rerelease since it shutdown and was woundering if anyone els know?

  • drauudrauu Member Posts: 1

    yeah a headsup from someone would be great, i have no idea where this ended.

    or is going for that matter. info plz?

  • JiyuuishiJiyuuishi Member UncommonPosts: 22

    Well... I don't really know if ANYONE is reading this, but can someone please give me some info about that game?


    Found a gameplay vid and thought "Hey, this looks nice. I could try it out." and the next thing I knew was that I registered for a Closed Beta that hasn't even a begin o.O


    Is there any info about when the CB is supposed to start? Or something else? Just something?^^

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