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Lineage 2 vs EQ2 vs WoW, which will survive?



  • SoraKogekiSoraKogeki Member Posts: 51
    Lineage and Guild Wars will survive.  Oh...  Guild Wars wasn't listed...  image
  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194


  • VeragonVeragon Member Posts: 78

    Guild Wars...ahem...sorry, The games listed wil last another few years....Guild Wars on the other hand...!

    PS: I've been playing Ragnarok since 1st Beta...How long has it been already...point made...

  • paradymeparadyme Member Posts: 238

    Originally posted by Nazarov
    Originally posted by paradyme
    This thread is still goin?
    If your read March newletter very closely you will find an interesting tidbit of news in there where it states there are only 27, 000 subscribers left in the game.If you read it even closer, it says more than 27,000 people are cut down in pvp related matters, not the entire population of L2. Because I wasn't pked yesterday. And I doubt everybody in L2 get pked everyday.

    Well its either a generalization of the whole populations pvp activities at once or its a crock of $h!t, i know for a fact their last share holders report said they only had around 55,000 subcribers left in NA and I highly doubt half of them are being PKed every day let alone logging into the game.

  • haxedhaxed Member Posts: 4

    first off, whoever mention Guild Wars on last page is severly confused. Guild Wars is in no way, shape, or form an MMORPG and has no right to be assoaciated with true MMORPGs such as L2, WoW, and Eq2.

    back to topic, i have played all 3 of these games...I played eq2 for about the first 15 days of my trial, then around lvl 15 or so i lost my steam with it because of many factors (none being the gameplay really, just teh engine and how it ran on my computer)

    I have played l2 here and there, sold some accounts, but i still have 1 account left that i could start from scratch (which is what i am thinking of doing soon because of c3)

    WoW is a very linear rpg with almost no diversity when it comes to classes and armor. Every lvl 60 will be wearing the same set for that class. Not to mention there are only like 8 or so classes. I'm a suckker for re-rolling, and after re-rolling every class in that game......none suited me well. I should be quiting it soon to say the least.

    but all will 'survive'. None are going to stop developing, as each has it's own fan base. If anything, i would say eq2 is in last place though.


  • JukanJukan Member Posts: 328

    Umm, L2 will survive! Here is a graph for you!


    The red line is lineage 2!  Hm looks good to me! image


    Lineage II - Played 4 years and quit.

    GW: Factions - Boring community, quit 4 months.

    Perfect World - Free and good enough to keep playing. I enjoy it so far.

  • bendortikerbendortiker Member Posts: 20

    hello everyone. i stared with lineage 2 half a year ago. i had very positive experiences with it. I think the question which was asked: "which game will survive" is very difficult to answer. the reason is mainly you cannot really compare those games: lineage 2 is for powergamer who first played diablo 2 closed bnet and still are addicted to collecting items and so on (like me image). This is made clearly when you consider the few quests in the game. The main point is the collecting of mats and items and pvp. Wow is different though. In the combat you use a bit more tactic (esspecially when fighting in a party) and there are more quests and secondary things like jobs etc. with everquest 2 i had no excperiences at all. So i would say since the two games wow and lineage 2 are made for different types of mmorpg gamers you cannot compare those two with each other and therefore you cannot say which will more likely survive.

    thats my opinion

  • bendortikerbendortiker Member Posts: 20

    haxed hi.

    i have to disagree with you in one point: in lineage 2 there are "enditems" everyone is trying to get. You have no big choice. (don't think i dont love the game i just want to stay near the facts). This is made clearly when you look at the game system: all items are categorized by different grades, non grade up to s grade. the weapons differ only in physical damage so you just take the weapon which has the higher damage (some also differ in attackspeed but really few do).

    some exeptions (which are very rare) can be: a mage having a choice between karmian set (faster casting speed) and demon set (more damage) and the choice there actually is not very difficult when you played the game up to lvl 50 +

    i hope you can resist some critisism image

  • JimudJimud Member Posts: 252
    All of them but people will soon start to leave WoW once they get bored of lvling but more will join so on o forth lol.EQ2 ill never die with SOE behind it (they loose afew ppl they will get the ppl back easily) n lineage is hanging low at the mo  no huge updates no flash gimics just being  its self.might die one day but no times soon maybe in 5 years when we all need 100GB of ram n a gabillion CPU lol.
  • eqarigoneqarigon Member Posts: 5
    I dont understand everyones problem with the EQ2 graphics.  I personally think its better than WoW ( I have played both).  Turn your settings up :P .  As far as PvP,  the arena's where always empty in EQ1 I can see why they didnt waste any time on that ... yet.  To me PvE is what these games are about.   I think WoW came out of the gates stronger than EQ2 but they have made some major updates overtime that have been overlooked with all these premature reviews.  I would like to see some updated reviews of these games now that they been out for awhile.
  • supersexyaimsupersexyaim Member Posts: 2

    L2, just because as one said much earlier, the numbers speak for itself and their numbers just keep growing.  Although, all that grind can be just tedious when the mood is not right.

  • McBain182McBain182 Member Posts: 5

    WoW the most. its a pretty hyped game.

  • Evil_EricEvil_Eric Member Posts: 19

    Wow about caught L2 in population O.o

    Pssst, your shoes are untied.

  • VotanVotan Member UncommonPosts: 291

    Lineage 2 has 2.1 million subscribers world wide.

    WoW has 2 million subscribers world wide.

    Everquest 2 has 250,000 subscribers world wide.

    None of them are going anywhere. 

  • nutButter123nutButter123 Member Posts: 105

    "Wow about caught L2 in population O.o"


    Lineage is good. So is WoW. I dont understand why WoW seems so popular though.


  • hooligan14hooligan14 Member Posts: 44

    Originally posted by ozgamerz

    Many has said that WoW targets America, Europe and Korea players where Lineage2 targets mostly in Asia. I don't know the exact figures but judging from the way the games are made, WoW has much much more servers in North America & Australia at the moment compared to Lineage2. Does the number of servers makes any significant impact on the number of players that are playing the games?

    Hush...unless you want every post thats not pro a-word or anti american/european to get flammed never ever under any circumstances use the a word and servers in the same sentence.  WoW's forum is now being flodded with the kangaroo rednecks from down under claiming that they are gods and everyone should bow before them because theeir massive pop makes up 1% of WoW.  

    But more servers definatly doesnt mean better.  WoW has over 100 but only about 20% are actually able to field enough people for end game instances and only about 10-15% are stable servers.

    Also about the games dying out, I think Lineage will be dead soon in america, and I think its being shown by a large farmbot increase in WoW.  Also can someone tell me what EQ2's doing about the farmers, because I checked both WoW and EQ2 on ebay and I got tons on WoW and nothing at all on EQ2.  Shame the greedy owners of EQ took every competent GM/dev and gave WoW the left over english speaking ones and the rest look like they were sent to Lineage.


  • VotanVotan Member UncommonPosts: 291

    There is still a Lineage 1 server going in America....Lineage 2 has rougly 100k American players on 9 servers...it again is NOT going anywhere.  Do not know where you would get that idea.

    Is it as popular in America as other games, no. 


  • VotanVotan Member UncommonPosts: 291

    EQ2 has station exchange that is why you do see a lot for sale on ebay.


  • ikraikra Member Posts: 339

    next 2-5 years? i strongly doubt that these games will exist in the mass numbers.... nothing lasts forever. Although i see a potential in WoW if they do updates, lineage is not going anywhere as well as EQ2, cuz the game developers of EQ2 has something new up its sleeve and its better than the line up ure stating here


  • knives22knives22 Member Posts: 375

    Lineage 2 just needs to die.NCsoft should just do us all a favor and kill the servers, They keep releasing this new "Chronicles" Wich Actually make the game Even more Boring and They are waisting their time.I have never witnesed such a boring MMO as this one.::::31::

  • nutButter123nutButter123 Member Posts: 105

    Im glad people are talking about EQ2 abit more now. I starting to think we should change this to a Lineage V WoW V Guild Wars, which will survive sort of thing, or even better all 4 games as one. and ive not seen a poll yet::::35::


  • VotanVotan Member UncommonPosts: 291

    Originally posted by Vergeltung
    if we want to look at this from a practical view L2 has not  chance in hell. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SUBSCRITION OR GAME FEATURES OR QUALITY. it has to do with the fact that both blizzard and sony entertainment have otehr sources of income then MMORPG's. and as we all know MMORPG's popularity fades or at least every mmorpg eventually fades. but Sony entertainment and blizzard both make other games therefore can fund to improve adn advertise game even if it is going downhill, through the sell of non MMORPG. adn we all know this market is about fads to an extent. that is to say when a game comes out with a new or improved feature people run like ducks to it. so Lineage2 is the doomed one out of the 3 but this is all LONG TERM.image

    Vladamir the impaler

    Guy you obviously have NO FREAKIN CLUE what you are talking about....So I will help you out a little with some things called FACTS!

    NCSoft has over twice the number of subscribers world wide and staggering amounts of money coming in monthly that dwarf both Sony and Blizzard Online games. 

    A link to NcSoft games:


    Lineage 1 has 2 million subs x 14.95 = $29.9 million dollars a month

    Lineage 2  has 2.1 million subs x 14.95 = $31.3 million dollars a month

    City of Hero's has 150,000 subs x 14.95 = $2.2 million dollars a month

    That gives NCSoft just on these 3 game a MONTLY INCOME of $63.4 million dollars!!!!image

    Also they a have a little game that just was release called GUILD WARSimage


  • bigdawg78bigdawg78 Member Posts: 30

    I'll go with subscriptions to support my hypothesis.

    I think EQ2 is gonna die out or at least be relegated to a bottom priority for now due to it's arguable failure. WoW and L2 are gonna go head-to-head and it may become an interesting competition. I'd suspect WoW is gonna stay a strong competitor because of their NA subscription base whereas NCSoft's L2 isn't gonna waver as long as Korea still exists.


  • VotanVotan Member UncommonPosts: 291

    I agree with you EQ2 has reached is zenith with 250-275k customers although it will not fold.  However on the other front I think L2 will remain dominant because the Korean/Asia gamer is no where near as fickle as the NA gamer who tends to hop from game to game and to the new bright and shiney that happens along.




  • SeasonzSeasonz Member Posts: 113

    Well.. most MMO's out now are quest based..
    WoW.. EQ2...GW.

    Pretty soon people will get tired of questing (like me) and welcome the grind only games (lineage2,etc)
    However.. all will survive probably. Actualy EQ2 is already kinda fading, but when PVP releases it will be resurected.


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