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[Question][In-game Problem]

ChachamaruChachamaru Member Posts: 12

Hi Guys :

  I just started to play AION but something went wrong when I play in-game, everytime when I running there is certain chance I'll get port back or push back by short distance to the spot where I just ran passed, so the question is how it happens? is it because I'm lagging or graphic adjustment issue?, if anyone know please help me solve this  problem greatly appreciated !.


  • lethyslethys Member UncommonPosts: 585

    I'd have to guess it's because you lag.

  • channel84channel84 Member UncommonPosts: 585

    type "/ping" to check ur ping.

    if it's problem with high ping then i suggest u use proxy service like gamepath etc

  • ChachamaruChachamaru Member Posts: 12

    I think you are right, I checked my ping range are between 500~700 I think it also maybe because I live in Australia and play on America server "Siel" that why.

  • NeoPlasmaXNeoPlasmaX Member Posts: 79

    Yes, it's lag.


    There are several services that are cheap and will lower your ping.


    Someone mentioned GamePath and think the other is BattlePing. 


    There is also a "Leatrix Latency fix" that changes a registry key in windows to allow data throughput quicker and evenly rather than letting windows wait till it has enough data to send.  Good for games.  Just google that term and you'll find it.  It worked for me in Aion but you being Aussie, I'd definitely check into the other two services above as well.


    I used to play in China server with 600 ping before NA/EU version came and I didn't have much 'rubber banding' issues still but things were definitely slower in reaction time.  Skills went off a little slower than usual.  Probably doing a combination of the two above should remedy it to a degree.

  • ChachamaruChachamaru Member Posts: 12

    Just got a quick questions for battleping did anyone use it right now? how was it after use?, plus how did you guys pay them? is it safe to provide your card detail to them?

  • channel84channel84 Member UncommonPosts: 585

    i'm using highpingbuster which is actually gamepath. They reduce my ping from 500ms to 290-310ms. I'm from oceanic

  • ChachamaruChachamaru Member Posts: 12

    Actually I tried BP on trial, it quite good after using it but dunno why sometime I still get "Rubber Band" during game play only it won't  push me back that far anymore it like only 1 or 2 steps back, so I just wondering is it because my internet speed problem or graphics = =.

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