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European Casual testers

FinduilasFinduilas Member Posts: 377

Anyone form EU that works during the day been able to play yet?

4 nights this week I get home, check, but no go, patches, server down, no chance, not 1 second from 6 pm GMT to 11 pm. Now it may have come up briefly during that time, but after checking I leave it for an hour or so and play dungeon siege, but whenever I try the server is down. They needn't have bothered inviting EU players if they will not let them test the game and server.


  • nephillimnephillim Member Posts: 291

    the server has been down quite a lot lately, not just during EU peak times.

    don't worry, they're gradually ironing the bugs out and you will get to play properly

    -it's just a dream-

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