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New crafting system in patch 1.60

GandrellGandrell Member Posts: 22

Nice new crafting system in recent patch that this game much needed!


  • mamildormamildor Member Posts: 18

    Interesting find. Im gonna give this game another go coz im totally bored of rift and as far as i can remeber this game wasnt so bad except way to many bugs and glitches. Dling the game and hoping they fixed at least some major bugs.

  • GandrellGandrell Member Posts: 22

    I hope you do! The only downside with this game is population is down to only a few! Others that play might not speak english or noone is on. If you decide to come back my in-game char is Gorgoth and I play on the p2p server on the evil side I guess you would call it.  Also my forum name is bobokiller so feel free to jump on there aswell and share any ideas and conserns.

    Hope to see you in-game. Feel free to add me a friend if you wanna play together or need any help. I'm on most days and will be on later on today.

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