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pl3dgepl3dge Member UncommonPosts: 183

I somehow stumbled across this lettle gem while browsing the other day. I think there is a little ad on the front page but it probably goes un noticed.


Now, MicroVolts. where to start?

Anyone remember Micro Machines? The racing game with little cars around houses and tables.. awesome game ^^


Well this is pretty similiar in the fact the maps are like big houses and you play as toys... However, This is a competetive 3rd person shooter.. Think TF2 with toys and you're not far off.


It's free to play and currently in Open Beta. I recommend any fans of TF2 or just shooters in general to check it out :)

The player base is already strong but more people deserve to know about it!

Check it out here --->



  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,389

    I wonder if are having problems releasing this in the US.  MicroVolts is headquartered out of Europe.  I know Gravity has the publishing rights for the game which makes me wonder why its not here yet.

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