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Isnt it great!



  • xander23xander23 Albuquerque, NMMember Posts: 9

    Originally posted by sygmas

    Unfortunately I don't care about 'my games community' or how it looks. It's a video game, I'm talking about it out of my own interest, and it'll be where and when I like it. I'm only so god damn stubborn about it because im tired of ignorant people bashing a legitimately good game. It makes sense though, everyones always whining about shitty games but when a good oen comes along they will take it for granted. "The movies sucked! So the game sucks!"

    I'm not pushing MXO over Wish, MXO does that by itself buddy. And yeah its your rig, if you play EQ all the time you wouldn't even be remotely bothered by MXO's graphics.



    Funny when i clicked on the chat forum i expected to see stuff on wish. If i wanted to see stuff on MXO i would have gone to THE MXO FORUM. Quite frankley if you want to talk about MXO then go to a MXO forum. to make things clear to you. THIS IS A WISH FORUM. THanks for takeing up the space though with all the screen shots. image 

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