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Can we please have HELLGATE back, already?

porovaaraporovaara Member Posts: 48

Yes, yes, it wasn't ready when it launched. Sure the combat was completely unbalanced in pvp. The lobby system was a little claustrophobic. Guilds had issues. ETC.

But the game that was turned off for those of us here in America, had fixed all those issues, more importantly it was something DIFFERENT. HELLGATE was awesome... in its swan song, but worse, the encore was already out there (reworked classes/lotsanewstuffs) !

That encore was so good, that people in Korea have been playing Hellgate all this time. While we sit around and wonder if is ever really coming back.


  • munecaroonmunecaroon Member Posts: 88

    I gave up waiting on a relaunch for EU+US for Hellgate: Resurrection

    However, if you're dying to play HG:Res, I suggest to try the OB server in Japan.


    When you google for 

    "Guide - Hellgate Open Beta in Japan zocken"

    you'll find information how to setup an account.

    There's a german fansite, you'll probably have to babelfish a bit or ask a friend who knows some german.

    Pretty sure, there's info in english, too.

    Sorry, that's all I know atm.

  • porovaaraporovaara Member Posts: 48

    this is what is killing me!

    i have another friend who would go to lengths you mentioned just to have the chance to play HELLGATE again with multiple people. use a europena/korean vpn ... sure whatever!?!

    Then there are the hundreds of MMOs out there who would be dying for people to even recognize that they existed, yet this old game, which no one in america seems smart enough to figure out the legal situations on, still has people pining.

    I mean I would so totally give someone 7-10 bucks a month for what was there and the end of hellgate.


    edit: thanks for information!

  • EvasiaEvasia Member Posts: 2,827

    You can play solo game:)

    Games played:AC1-Darktide'99-2000-AC2-Darktide/dawnsong2003-2005,Lineage2-2005-2006 and now Darkfall-2009.....
    In between WoW few months AoC few months and some f2p also all very short few weeks.

  • porovaaraporovaara Member Posts: 48

    I have :)


    Would it really have been so hard for namco to keep the servers going? 


    I keep hoping a former employee will leak the server onto the net.

  • munecaroonmunecaroon Member Posts: 88

    Not sure about the legal situation for EU+US

    There seems to be a trend to sell publishing rights to different companies in different territories.

    Reasons could be easier advertising, server management, live support and whatnot instead of just one global thing. For F2P/micro-managed games that is.

    I just recently beta'd Mytheon for a short while which is UTV True Games' baby now. Then one day without any info upfront, us Europeans couldn't log on their beta server anymore. After a few days it turned out they put up an IP block and EU players have to check back with Gamigo in order to play Mytheon. In fact, if I hit my old link for UTVTG's website now, I'm getting redirected to Gamigo right away. Different company

    One game I would like to play but can't is Vindictus. Pretty sure there's an avid player base in EU, too.

    Another title that has different publishers would be Mythos (US = redbana, subsidiary of HanbitSof IIRC,  EU = frogster)


    Hanbit "seems" to have globalmarketting rights for HG:L (google for "Hanbit Soft *finally* acquire HG:L global rights").

    If it's profitable for them to publish/relaunch HG:L in EU+US at this point, I can't tell.

    The petition was something 8000+ subscribers last time I checked

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 Posts: 6,690

    I think they are just taking their sweet time. The game just needed to continue with balancing and do away with that awful business model. If you beta tested for 1 country and sorted things out why do we need to repeat the process a million times over when its the same game we are getting ?

  • jpnolejpnole Member UncommonPosts: 1,672
    I would happily sub HGL right now. Miss that game a lot. Check this site for fan made patches and mods and pretty much everything you want to know about Hellgate: Resurrection :
  • bobfishbobfish Member UncommonPosts: 1,679

    I was under the impression that the license issue with Namco had finally been resolved, so if Hanbitsoft did want to re-release over here, they could.


    People to ask are probably Redbana (sp?), the ones doing Mythos in the US, they are the US branch of Hanbitsoft.

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 Posts: 6,690

    I miss going to Stonehenge and doing boss runs. That place was pretty fun. I might just have to level up a cabalist tonight!

  • jianghw0713jianghw0713 Member Posts: 3 it said its coming soon but when is soon lol

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 8,955

    K2 should have bought HGL instead of APB and make it work for free....  i want to play hellgate, but i never felt like paying for it before it shot down.

  • sorrysoldoutsorrysoldout Member Posts: 14

    Actually someone translated this "devil language" picture thay they released. It says that CBT will be on June 3 if I remember correctly. Does anyone have a copy of that picture?

    you're a has been that never was

  • AsheramAsheram Member RarePosts: 2,725

    Hellgate Resurrection/Tokyo Japanese beta setup.

    If you want to attempt the Japanese Beta

  • MowdelMowdel Member Posts: 8

    Originally posted by sorrysoldout

    Actually someone translated this "devil language" picture thay they released. It says that CBT will be on June 3 if I remember correctly. Does anyone have a copy of that picture?

    Yes, I've seen that. Some people were able to translate it as June 3. Although it was never confirmed. I've seen it on Hellgate fanpage in facebook. I think it' still there. I am excited to try the game and see if they were able to do something with its previous problems. My hopes are high.

  • OrdokaiOrdokai Member Posts: 35

    So guys, tell me, how  can the game possibly compete now ?


  • DrDreamDrDream Member UncommonPosts: 213

    Originally posted by Asheram

    Hellgate Resurrection/Tokyo Japanese beta setup.
    If you want to attempt the Japanese Beta

    im playing right now finsihed downloading the updates last night didnt get to play long but im lvl 4 and its awesome. i was pleasntly surprised to see the intro movie in english.


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