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Has this game FINALLY Implemented the drunken bar brawling it promised on release?


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,722

    Originally posted by rogabr

    Has this game FINALLY Implemented the drunken bar brawling it promised on release?

     you mean the one where you could hook up with npc gals? if so, it was supossed to be on dragon slayer expansion.... idk much cos i bought the game + dragon slayer and never played ..... just got a great offer for when i plan on subbing (before TSW release)

  • DesalusDesalus Member UncommonPosts: 848

    In my opinion it was a stupid idea to begin with. I'm sure 95% of the current playerbase would rather have the dev team focus on creating content other than that.

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  • rogabrrogabr Member Posts: 125

    no drunken brawling, it was going to be a PVP activity in the taverns around the world where you would get drunk with people and start fights with other players and drunkenly attempt to kill eachother, it was promised pre release and on the box iirc yet.
    Here is a quote from a gamespot review back in 2006 when the closed beta was going on.

     Tortage is also a city filled with taverns, which will be perfect for the new drunken brawling player-versus-player combat system. Drunken brawling is one of the three types of PVP that will be in the game, and it's designed to be the most fun and social. This isn't about killing the other player but rather getting into a raucous bar fight. Basically, your character can get drunk on various beverages, and each one might confer a different fighting ability. Mead will transform you into a bruiser in battle, while wine might be good if you want to be more of a swashbuckler. Instead of weapons, you'll use everyday objects, such as bar stools. And thanks to a ladder ranking system, you can build up a reputation as a good drunken brawler. The two other PVP modes will be minigames, such as capture the flag, and the massive PVP mode, which lets you engage in siege combat to defend or attack a city.

    oh and what content, it sounds liek the end game is the basic run of the mill spam run dungeons and rep grind your ass off until your eyes bleed, lets forget the part where the developers advertised this as a huge PVP game where it was the shit and then turns around and doesnt work on PVP.

  • LaterisLateris Member UncommonPosts: 1,842


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