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What WoW did wrong



  • AzrileAzrile Member Posts: 2,582

    Originally posted by Damon

    I wouldn't say Blizzard did anything wrong with World of Warcaft.  They make a ton of money based on what they did with the game.  Instead, you should title the post "What I would have changed with WoW" or "Why I don't like WoW as much as I could", etc.  "What [insert game] did wrong" threads should be reserved for titles that get cancelled or sell few copies.


    1.  Players play a game that is fun.

    2.  Millions more people play wow than any of its competitors.

    What that leads me to deduce is that for more people, WOW is more fun.

    Of course there are things they hve done wrong.. but this thread makes it sound like a post-mortem for games like AOC and Warhammer.   Let´s remember that WOW still has a ton of full servers every night.   While you and éveryone you know´has moved on, WOW has achieved it´s highest subscription rate just a few months ago.

  • lethyslethys Member UncommonPosts: 585

    WoW has 11 million subs.  I hate the game but I'd have a hard time saying they did something "wrong."  Games aren't made by devs to be enjoyed primarily, they're made to make money.  It's business.

  • WearacupWearacup Member Posts: 161

    Originally posted by gainesvilleg

    Even a simple thing like Wintergrasp being continuous flagged PVP gave just enough for me to scratch that random non-structured PVP itch now and then.  

    LOL! This comment is a WOW gem. Random, non-structured, open world PVP  IN A STATIC ZONE!!! HAHAHAHA!

    WOW never did pvp right, but at least in vanilla WOW on a pvp server you could actually have a semblence of PVP. A huge group of allies killing everyone in Ogrimmar, including NPC's, until a larger group of horde come to restore order is almost real pvp.

    F'ing Trammel...LOL! Sadly, the customer is not always right. Oh well, thanks for the laugh.

    Trammies need to stop polluting the MMORPG landscape. They already have enough games in which to emote hugs and sell garbage by the banks.

  • Darb420Darb420 Member Posts: 34

    There were just little things blizzard did "wrong" that lead to me quitting.

    Burning Crusade -  Stopped a month or two after BC. I rerolled a pally and in all honesty i burned myself out releveling through the same content i did for my main and alts. Thats the main reason i stopped playing (the first time) my fault oh well...

    Otherwise, what turned me off was other things in the expansion. No more 40 mans? Definite contributing factor to quitting. All my hard work with my guild to get through nax  meant very little after the expansion. My tier 3 gear? Obsolete. All lvl 60 raids? obsolete. What you need to do to skip all raid content and jump into level 70 raids? Buy BC and level. Basically it felt like they wiped guild progression. If they handled it differently, like scale up the 60 raids to 70 or something.... I liked the idea of having to work your way up end-game raid dungeons... MC to BWL to AQ to Naxx... you know, progressive? But instead, they restarted it and killed 40 mans. Oh and they did the same thing with WoTLK and i have not played Cata.


    Battlegrounds - sure, warsong was fun at first. but it got old. Same with Arathi and the others. My favorite though was (i forgot the name, but it was the huge one... alterac valley?). I liked the huge mobs you could spawn to help  your team fight (who dropped blue items)  AV (thats what im gonna call it, cuz i think thats what its called) went through minor changes little by little which kind of ruined it for me.

    You know i could probably go on for a while so im just gonna stop here. Some major and some minor changes turned me off from this game. In no way did it "ruin" the game, and if their numbers are still going strong than it doesn't really matter what i think. I just can't play it anymore ( maybe if i really tried). Too many changes and it does not feel like the same game anymore. Same thing happend to me with EQ, so i guess it was to be expected.


    well thats my 2 cents anyways. Had some great times with WoW but im no more for me.

  • AzusaNakanoAzusaNakano Member Posts: 19

    This game was being the standard.. what i mean is that when it comes to MMO their always comparing if to WOW, I know that wow has been popular ever since

  • RendRegenRendRegen Member Posts: 158

    OP is very correct on all accounts. wow has become a facebook kind of game catering to housewives and others who don't like to play games. but by doing this they alienated all the gamers.

    this is why we're seeing real mmos like Star Wars The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2 having such huge fanbases before they are even released.

    blizzard needs to wake up and start copying these games if they dont want to lose huge chunks of subscribers in 2012.

  • A_hiA_hi Member Posts: 87

    They did so many things wrong that, by last year at least, they had more subscribers than the rest of MMO market combined.


    Trust me, other companies would absolutely LOVE to do all the things 'wrong' that  Blizzard did.

  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,953

    Once you grind valor (pve) gear or honor (pvp) gear or if you like being a soloist justice gear (pve) and got all the achievements then done the same on an alt it is a good time to wait til the next expansion.  What I like to do is challenge myself by getting valor tokens solo which is possible but difficult. I don't bother with raids anymore due to community issues. I think it's just too much grinding and the same thing over and over. Some quests are quite amusing to play through though.

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