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forum and server down?

zensaberzensaber Port City, NBMember Posts: 800

whats up with that lol



  • psychoduckpsychoduck duffelMember Posts: 59

    You can check the server status here:
    Forum has some database problems it seems

  • zensaberzensaber Port City, NBMember Posts: 800

    stupid login server lol


  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Riverside, RIMember RarePosts: 3,770

    i realize this is beta, its a test of the game in its current state. i would love to test your game, but the server needs to be up for that to happen...

    since 1/1/05, ive been able to log in twice in about 30 attempts...bummer. i kinda like this game's potential, but im not gonna sit around all day and wait for the darn thing to be online.


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  • RoinRoin Baltimore, MDMember RarePosts: 3,294


    The downtime doesn't bother me.  I've been playing since the first round invites.  Got 3 characters.  Two of which have two journeyman lvl skills each.

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  • KaneKane Seattle, WAMember Posts: 780
    Out of curiosity, what level is Journeyman? I'm just starting, so still no chance of being anywhere near it, but...planning for the future!

  • psychoduckpsychoduck duffelMember Posts: 59

    skill lvl 10 to answer you question. You can reach that in two days is you focus.

  • KaneKane Seattle, WAMember Posts: 780
    Easily! After 2 hours, I'm almost a level 4 Woodsman. Yay!

  • CopelandCopeland Overland Park, KSMember Posts: 1,955

    A good beta will have alot of downtime. The point being they are actually responding to the communities bug reports. This game is still a few months from release so dont expect it to be near a finished product. Just enjoy it while its up and give the devs alot of useful feedback.


  • psychoduckpsychoduck duffelMember Posts: 59

    I actually like some downtime.
    So I can go on with my social life (read: reading the wish forums ).
    If there was no downtime noone would read the offical forums :)

  • ComanComan Hattem, AKMember UncommonPosts: 2,171

    The have found the biggest problem for the sudden downtime, but offcourse they will shut the sever down once in a while for update, with is good :)

  • KaelahKaelah Newberg, ORMember Posts: 15
    Downtime?  LOL, I have yet to even have it let me in the game.  Always says the server is unavailable...always.  I got my email on the 1st that my account was active.  image
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