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NCP US#4/World#30 LFM

RecoverxRecoverx Member Posts: 1

US #4/World #30 10 man is starting another core 10 man! ( And before you go, “Oh man, a secondary inferior group…”, hear me out! 


Proudmoore, our current server, has the highest alliance population in the US. Proudmoore is also currently ranked third in progression for US. This being said, there are plenty of opportunities for alt runs and just about anything else you could ever want. We are right up there close to Illidan. We are also part of BG9; enough said. 


NCP strives to do cutting-edge raiding in a friendly and relaxed environment. We feature a patient and collaborative approach to learning raid encounters. We pride ourselves on finding strong and dedicated players who enjoy raiding and are relaxed, mature, and intelligent. 

Why add another group? 

Currently we have a number of strong members with excellent experience who are interested in forming a third group. This group should also be able to push top-end content as well. Rather than have them start a new guild, we would prefer to keep both groups in the same guild, and maintain friendly competition while sharing ideas and approaches on raids. Having multiple 10-man raids in the same guild allows us to be as active as a larger guild while maintain the more relaxing yet challenging 10-man raid setting. 

To be clear, this is not an A-raid and a B-raid. People apply to a group and generally stay with that group for a long period of time. We won't be stacking raids and benching half our players. If you trial with a group and like what you see, then that's who you'll be raiding with. 

We need:

1 Hunter 

1 Prot Paladin 

1 Resto shaman 

Our raid times are: 

6-10 PST Mon-Thurs (Thinking about adding Sunday as well). 

A little about our members.. 

Our members are talented gamers. I personally have achieved top 50 NA in SC2 and gladiator on 4 different characters S2-S5, Mink has achieved USE#1 WC3, and all of us play some other game outside of WoW. We are really fun, and ALWAYS laughing on vent. Ruining the mood is the biggest issue for us, right next to standing in fire! We like to joke, make fun, and talk about whatever is on our mind. 

What we are looking for specifically in a player: 

Performance- You MUST be up to the challenge of 10-man heroic bosses. You must have experience with your class and spec, and be willing to improve. You should also be able to impress us, in some way or another, with your play. This is an extremely important criterion for us. 

Attitude- Another huge category, as we value maintaining a positive raid atmosphere. In no way are we softies, or can’t take a joke or criticism, but we do NOT want to hear crap like “This is pointless.” Or “Why are you dying to that? I bet I could do it so much better than you.”. An inkling of that will cause an instant failed trial, as you will not fit into NCP’s culture. Members will NOT make other members feel inferior, in any way possible. Combined with respect, we expect you to have the desire to improve yourself in any circumstance. If you don’t parse, you go and you look at logs for an hour to figure out what you did wrong.

Communication- The other half of performance is playing well as a team. We want people who communicate EVERYTHING that they are doing that will impact the raid. 10 man raids can be quite hectic, and believe me I’ll be spitting out timer, positioning, and whatever reminder announcements like a madman. This being said, I want YOU to spit out your cooldown announcements. If you’re a hunter and are being targeted with flamethrower “Feigning. Deterrence.”. Resto shaman? “Tiding.” “Hero up.” “Earthbind down.”. Tank? We want to hear your life story. Everything you do with the boss, should be announced. “Dragging the boss ___”. “Taunting.” “Pummeling.” “Avengers missed, watch your aggro!”.

Gear- Gear is an issue, but a minor one for us. We are currently gearing our mage and bear tank to be capable to dps and tank heroic raids. If you have the skill and attitude to succeed in our group, then you probably have as strong a gear set as you could make on your own. Getting you additional raid gear won't be an issue. 

Interaction- Yes this is different than communication. We want you to make friends with us. I do not want someone to log on for raids and only raids. Don’t be a stranger. Make an effort. 

I encourage you to get in contact with me on Proudmoore, talk to me through real id ([email protected]), and to apply to our website. This guild is amazing, and this core group plans to uphold that attitude. 

Note: We are currently NOT ready to jump into raiding (We will be soon though!). We need 3 more members, and then we are going to start raiding. If you are willing to give it time, just like we are, it’s going to be a phenomenal experience.

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