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A new MMORPG called Drylor

Akarn1007Akarn1007 Member Posts: 47

Has anyone heard anything about a new MMORPG called Drylor? My friend was telling me he read a post on mmo-champ about it and i went and read the post and they seemed to find it to be a rumor. So i googled it a bit and i found multiple posts on several different forums about it from all different people and a blog. I also found a facebook for a book of the same title. I was just wondering if anyone had anything conclusive about this game? Maybe an actual press release or like an announcement on a credible, reliable site?

My findings:

mmo-champ post -

Hardforum post -

Facebook page for the book of the same name -

Blog to track the games progress, made roughly around the time of the first announcement -


So, what do you guys think? Hoax or real?


  • FlyingbottleFlyingbottle Member Posts: 47

    this is real because i saw the links and thought they were

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