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so classic or enhanced?

Tnk0072Tnk0072 Member UncommonPosts: 98

should i get the classic or enhanced version?


  • nickman1993nickman1993 Member Posts: 287
    Most players who have played UO at one time before the 3d update or the enhanced client seem to prefer the classic client. If you have never played UO before though I recommend you start with the enhanced client and if you for whatever reason absolutly hate it then go classic.

    Another reason that enhanced client may not work for you is the long extra dll time/space, and the ability of your comp to actually run the client smoothly. Anything other than that I say choose the enhanced.

    p.s. I played UO for 3years and I prefered the Enhanced client myself over the classic. It just took some time to get used to it.
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