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Coming to Xbox live????

nolic1nolic1 Member UncommonPosts: 716

Ok I have heard this a few times that a mmo was coming to Xbox but this is new news that just hit.


Thats right Nexon has signed a deal with Microsoft to bring Dungeon Fighter Online to Xbox live sometime this year. This will be Xbox's I believe 2nd mmo but will it retain its F2P setting or will they charge you for it. I do like Xbox but not the fee for online thats a joke. I mean I dont have to pay extra to play those games on the pc besides there box price unless its a p2p mmo. But back on topic thats right xbox users will now be able to play a mmo on there xbox sometime this year and not just any game but one of the top F2P mmos with a record 200 million users world wide thats right 200 million eat your heart out people but thats alot. Well to me this mean we might see more mmo's gracing the console market and maybe improve the selection of games with alot of content compared to the games we pay $60 for new and breeze through in a week.

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