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The truth about PWI (pros and cons without raging).



  • bpgismebpgisme Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by korat102
    I tried it. Looks very nice, beautiful in fact but I couldn't play the game. Lasted about five minutes then when I realised I couldn't remap the movement keys or invert the mouse Y axis I logged out, never to return. I've spent years getting used to my own way of playing and WASD and upside down meeces is no good to me. I can hardly believe a modern game doesn't allow remapping of keys...oh well...

     Actually, you can change almost everything in the game.  You just have to know where to.  I am left handed and play with the number pad for movement.  I have my mouse keys switched, etc.  It can be done. 


    Anyway, just wanted to say nice review to the original poster. :D

    I've been playing PW since Oct 2008, anywhere from 5 to 16 hours a day.  (I'm a housewife. XD  I get chores done, then I play.)   I have lots of accounts and tons of characters across 6 servers.  Several are 100+.  It may be because my friend and I have played it for so long, but we can make new characters and get them to 30 in a few hours (with tons of interruptions) by just doing quests.  No special XP anything.  No plvling.  We just really enjoy playing the game.  It happens to be alot of fun, particularly with someone to play it with, and I learn something new every time I make a new one.    The new content for higher levels has been great too.  And recently we've seen lots of new players coming into the game again which is nice to see after so many years.  So if you haven't, try it.   It's alot of fun.  (Just make sure to turn off World Chat.  It's where the most outspoken and rude players play the loudest.)  :P 

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