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Looking for Players to Group with

Since WoW is the only decent MMO I have access to now, I wanted to see if I could patch together a small leveling group of 5 or as many willing players as I can find, just to have some fun, be social, and kill some downtime.

The server will be Deathwing, a PvP realm.

As far as team composition goes, I wanted to try my hand at Priest. The rest is up to you.

For the sake of convenience we will have to all choose the same race, or start in the same zone to save time and get right to grouping.

If you are interested please reply with the Race you think we should choose, and the Class you wish to play as.

Whatever Race gets the most votes is the one we will roll as. Faction doesn't matter.



twstdstrange - Holy Priest






  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 7,010

    This is gonna be hard to do.

    I tried this with RL co-workers.  We were really into WoW awhile back, but if you or them take a day off you out level each other and spread too far.  There was a group doing this on the Vanguard board and it worked for a little more than a month.  But wow leveling is too fast to do this.

    For me it's just best to add friends as you meet them in the WoW world.

  • twstdstrangetwstdstrange Member Posts: 474

    It's worth a try.

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