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Which one should I get?

XtromassXtromass Member Posts: 662

Hello! I want to try Guild Wars, but I do not know which one to get. Which one is the most active version? And are there still many players playing the game? 


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,210

    Originally posted by Xtromass

    Hello! I want to try Guild Wars, but I do not know which one to get. Which one is the most active version? And are there still many players playing the game? 

    i bought the trilogy (before GW2 was even announced), i only dont have eye of the north xpac.... both 3 versions were nice but i found more fun and more ppl playing on the second version (the one that has the assassin class... factions i believe its the one).... i dont play anymore cos i dont like fully instanced mmos and lvl cap is 20 i think....., so im playing other things while waiting for GW2 which wont be instanced

  • WorstluckWorstluck Member Posts: 1,269

    They are all pretty active.  If you can get the whole set that would be best.  There are various opinons on which campaign to start with.  Personally I like to start with Nighfall because of heros and the extra points.  Prophecies, the original guild wars is good if you want to stick with the story and progress through them all.  Factions is generally not recommended for new players, it's a tad harder overall than the others.  And yes, there are still quite a few people playing the game.  An expert can tell you more, good luck :)


  • KroxMalonKroxMalon Member UncommonPosts: 433

    Hi. They are all active because they are all one game. I would sujest ( you would save money by buying all of them in a pack deal btw) buying the first part, guild wars prophisies. That will set you up on the story and get you going, Eye of the north truley continues on after guild wars and faction and nightfall are side storys, but can be accessed via guild wars while playing. You never have to log in and out of each game section unless you switch players ( and your vault is linked between players)

    Once nearly lvl 20 in guildwars you can go look at EOTN and get some hero allies to make prophicies easier, then you can move between the two anyways. The game and story is great it really pulls you through the game.

    Factions and Nightfall are also good but see how you like prophs and eye of the north, but like i say ul save money buying the whole pack now, its so cheap.

    Lots of  people still playing, lots of guild and alliances. Also you can start your hall of monuments for GW2 :)

    Hope you have fun I do :)

  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,052

    The game is still very active, especially American district. It would make sense to start with Prophecies if you are interested in the story, but for gameplay I would suggest to start with Nightfall because of the heroes.

    Without heroes you probably have to tag along with other players in the last missions of prophecies. These are quite tough to play with just hench (especially Prophecies henchmen). And from all 3 campains, prophecies might be the one where its difficult to find ppl to group with. There will be players, but they are probably doing the missions in hard mode.

    The busiest cities are Kamadan (Nightfall) and Lions Arch (Prophecies). Although Ascalon in presearing might have quite some players too since the last update.

  • martaugmartaug Member Posts: 31

    You can get the guild wars complete collection edition for $40. That has all 4 including eye of the north. Got mine at wally world.

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    The platinum pack is by far the best deal.

    Factions is probably the game with least players in right now, but even there is still enough people.

  • martaugmartaug Member Posts: 31

    Why buy the platinum pack(prophecies + eye of the north) for $40 bucks when you can get the complete edition(prophecies, factions, nightfall & eye of the north) for $40?

  • bisurgebisurge Member UncommonPosts: 168

    If you want to buy this game expecting to switch to Guild Wars 2, get the Prophecies+Eye of the North pack. Eye of the North includes the Hall of Monuments with which you can record several of your achievements and be rewarded in GW2. Also, Prophecies is the longest campaign, and Eye of the North is also a decent length, so you'll get the most play-time out of this. You can also get Heroes in Eye of the North. You get a wide selection of skills, also, for the six core classes (you get the Core skills + Prophecies skills + Eye of the North skills, which is the widest selection). The negative is that you ONLY have the six core classes (although you'll have the 4 special classes as heroes, although they will lack a lot of skills) and there are no special PvP perks. If you want PvP, get Factions. There's Alliance Battles in Factions, the largest-scale PvP type in Guild Wars. They purposely made it so that you can level up quickly in Factions. Many Faction skills are very good in PvP, but not very good in PvE. You get almost all Assassin and Ritualist skills (you won't get EotN skills unless you buy EotN separately), and you get a lot of the useful Prophe skills (due to duplicates) while getting the Factions skills. The negative is that the campaign is short, not exceptionally fun, and the total number of skills is a lot lower than Prophecies+Eye of the North. If you want the funnest PvE, get Nightfall. You'll get most Dervish and Paragon skills (again without Eye of the North skills), but you won't get any of the useful Prophecies skills (although the most important skills are Core skills, not tied to any campaign), because there aren't any duplicates this time. The campaign is shorter than the Prophecies campaign, but it is a lot more fun.

    The choice is yours.

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