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Gold seller/itemsellers in PM message here on

EvasiaEvasia Member Posts: 2,827

First time sinds i register here in 2003 ive got a message from someone try lure me to some gold/item selling site.

Have anybody here also same message in last few days or am i only one and what should i do about it, i dont see any report button in message page.

Ive deleted for now but im bit annoyed with these cockroaches goldselling criminals who trying to destroy fun in games for honest players.

Next time when i have a message like this i wanne report but have this any effect is even bothered doing something about it or they also dont care or can't prefend this?

I dont understand why i got this massage anyway if you see my posting history im one those who hates goldsellers item shops and cheaters hehe.

Games played:AC1-Darktide'99-2000-AC2-Darktide/dawnsong2003-2005,Lineage2-2005-2006 and now Darkfall-2009.....
In between WoW few months AoC few months and some f2p also all very short few weeks.

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