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Found this - Origins and it looks interesting

mrpickle12mrpickle12 Member Posts: 1

Been looking fro new stuff that is not all orc's and elfs and stuff, this could look promising but I need to see more. 

Seems to be some sort of fantasy / scifi game but looks like their site is not even done yet!

who knows!


  • sn0wblind00sn0wblind00 Member UncommonPosts: 388

    nice find....but a barren website with some concept art is a loooong way off ;)

  • erzaholterzaholt Member Posts: 6

    Nice one, but i think they still have a long way to go in constructing this game :)

  • ideationideation Member Posts: 19

    Cool find. I may research it a bit and keep tabs on it. Looking forward to when the developers publish more press and gameplay images and videos.


    Edit: Now that I think about it, Richard Garriot was the lead developer and establisher of Orgin, the company that produced and sold Ultima to EA games. It was rumored several years ago after he quit NCSoft that he may develop a new mmo. It may be possible this game titled "Origins" may be a project he's working on, although at this point it's complete speculation and most likely inaccurate. It's nice to dream though!

  • kzaskekzaske Member UncommonPosts: 518

    Great, another one to watch.  At least this one might be interesting but it is way too early to tell.

  • darkichi72darkichi72 Member Posts: 6

    It is a very nice game. Maybe I might look into more when more news come out about the release date. But for now, we dont know yet. I predict this game will be very good.

  • lectrocudalectrocuda Member Posts: 604



    with an interesting relationship if I might add

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  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Member RarePosts: 14,247

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  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    Don't hold your breath. Burning Dog Media does graphics design work. Their self promotion states 25 employees. A third party site estimates 3 paid employees but there is no date on that estimate. The little else I found on the web were mostly either promotional material seeking work or resumes of former employees.

    Their own schedule, started in November 2010 with a post on gives about 7 months to produce a working demo using the Hero engine to promote to investors. That post states project employees won't be paid but there will be profit sharing. Then they give themselves less than 18 months to acquire funding and create a released MMORPG.

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  • ricky789ricky789 Member Posts: 1

    Some screenshots, looks far off but I like the style at least!

  • rik666rik666 Member Posts: 69

    Looks fun to me, i like the art.

    oh non scripted boss fights which find ur weakness!

  • TorqiaTorqia Member UncommonPosts: 73

    If there was any fairness in this world they would recieve all of cryptics funds so this game could get a fair shot at going live:)

    (lol god i hate cryptic!)

  • CelusiosCelusios Member UncommonPosts: 337

    Looks pretty creepy... anyone who touches this I wonder what goes on in their head.

  • albgeniusalbgenius Member Posts: 45

    I couldnt see the pics.Whats the plot of the game?Or better said its background.

  • AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 5,072

    Originally posted by albgenius

    I couldnt see the pics.Whats the plot of the game?Or better said its background.

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