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Neteller Deposits & Free Buggy

JAFAJAFA Member UncommonPosts: 34

Thought I'd post about this because I got stung by not having enough info.

One of the Cash-to-PED (PED = Project Entropia Dollars) deposit options is Neteller (I gather it's new, but I'm newer), & I was told by a fellow player that you can get a free Dune Buggy (specifically, the "Neteller Buggy", a bit better than a Valkyrie Mk1) free with your first deposit through them.

Before I did it, I googled it a bit, but didn't find anything (I didn't until I used "Neteller Buggy" in my search terms, at the time I thought it was just a Valkyrie), but I went ahead & did it anyway.

The minimum deposit to your Neteller account if using US$ is US$15.00, so this is how much I deposited, the transfer from Neteller to Entropia attracts a small fee (IIRC it said 1.7% but there was a disprepancy), so my "Dep" of 15USD to Entropia got me 147.50PED, but no vehicle.

So I did a bit more research, & eventually found out the following:

1) The vehicle is called a "Neteller Buggy" & has better fuel efficiency, speed, & cargo storage than the "Valkyrie Mk1"

2) To Qualify your 1st deposit, apparently, via Neteller must be of US$20 or more (I say "apparently", because it appears it applies to your 1st Neteller routed deposit, even if you've used other methods).

3) Your new vehicle will be delivered to your "Planetary Storage" (accessed from "Public Storage" terminals) on *Planet Calypso*. AIUI if your Avatar is usually on ROCKtropia or Next Island, you'll need to budget for a trip to (& from if you're returning) Calyso. I don't know how much this would cost 'cos I haven't been playing long. I also don't know, but do assume, that the same applies to Club NEVERDIE & The Crystal Palace.

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