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Whats better?

pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 560

So i ve been playing for a week and i think i am about to make a small deposit(10-20$) just to spice things up. My question is:

Since i will buy a better weapon and some ammunition what is better, to hunt low level mobs that need less ammo expense and get cheap loot


hunt high lvl mobs and count on luck to get something valuable in the fewer mobs i'll kill with much more use of ammo?


  • marinridermarinrider Member UncommonPosts: 1,556

    I would suggest staying safe and hunting lower level mobs as long as your making more than your using, even if its not a lot.  Once you have built up some cash then you can go for the harder mobs, but I would get a back up stash just in case the first few hard ones you kill dont break even (or even get close if your unlucky).

  • EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

    Yes stay with low level mobs and be sure to get a weapon that suits your skills (no need to buy a LR66, that will loose you lots of money if you just started). So max. the Opalo and if you did than find the next weapon (Breer M1a or M2a). Do not get any armor yet for small mobs (Daikiba, Molisk, Foul, Berycled, Combibo, Merp, Snablesnot, Snarksnot) but buy a FAP instead (vivo T1 or FAP-5) This way you will get both hunting and healing skills.

    Try to figure out what the maximum mob is you can hunt. A good guidline is that if you need to FAP wile killing a single mob, it is to big for you, than choose a lower maturity or a different mob.

    If you do this and sell your loot for descent prices you can spread out the $15 bugs for a while. Try to do some events also to have a shot a winning some prizes. Also explore the planet and get all the TP's. That is free to do and can give you hours and hours of gaming time.

    Well hope this helps a bit anbd hope you'll have a great time in game !

  • TorschenTorschen Member Posts: 78

    Always hunt slightly lower level than you can at your best.

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