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Returned to UO

jusomdudejusomdude Member RarePosts: 2,706

After playing WoW and nearly every other MMO under the sun I decided to play UO again.

For some reason it's keeping my interest more than anything else.


Probably because it seems so different from everything.


  • MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Member UncommonPosts: 1,088

    Probably because it IS different than everything out there.  


    I have not stepped a foot in Sosaria since 2009.  I remember telling my wife that I probably will never go back to the game, but here I am again wanting so much to restart my adventures.  I guess it was stupid of me to say so in the first place.


    It's a shame that the classic shard idea was shot down, but good now because UO fans can just concentrate on UO as a game.  Classic or not, no other game can hold a light to what UO offers.

  • outfctrloutfctrl Member UncommonPosts: 3,619

    The only thing that holds me back from playing again is that my huge house is probably gone, along with all my belongings.

    I was loaded too.


  • RideOneRideOne Member Posts: 3

    The game seriously lacks new players... it is full of people who can't let go... people who have invested way to much time into the game.


    If you are serious about going back try a free facet... IPY2 is up and running now.. it is the best PRE AOS shard out there... if you played pre 2001.. check that out.


    Otherwse if your use to all the carebare style game play, OSI is where it is at.

  • vaultbrainvaultbrain Member Posts: 122

    I cant go back to UO now, not the way it is. I tried, a month ago. I reactivated one of my old accounts, just to see how things were. I was appauled. It was a monsterous travisty. I could tolerate Trammel after Reniassance, mostly because the PvP in Felucca didnt change, and the guilds I would hang with were always fighting someone. Even the PvE was still good.

    But now...... it is not UO. Its WoW 2d. World of Ultimacraft, run by hackers and gold spammers, ruined economy, ruined combat systems, lousy community, and deviod of all of the heart and soul it once possessed. Everything that once enticed me to UO is gone. How anyone can even still call this.......abomination, UO is blasphemy. I wish I could get my money back I spent to reactivate my account.

    My only hope is that EA finally shuts it all down and just lets the game die with some, SOME, shreds of dignity. Perhaps Richard Garriott will buy it back and remakes UO into what it once was. Im sure he could adapt the 2d version into a browser game. Hell, if he remade UO into the way it was in T2A, I would play it, even on facebook, and even for a monthly fee. I wouldn't care, I'd have my old home away from home back and thats all that would matter to me.

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