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Watch out for Keyloggers/Account Security Thread



  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 23,702

    Originally posted by Renoaku

    The most common type of Key logger though is from Add-on interface customizations which is how my WOW account got compromised 3 times in a row before. This was done from an add-on which I downloaded from curse gaming,


    Sorry for your pain though I do hope you at least appreciate the irony.

  • AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912

    Please post updates regarding security in this thread. Discussion is also welcome.


    Latest updates:

    Coin Lock goes into effect 3/17


    To give feedback on moderation, contact

  • vonbose0vonbose0 Member UncommonPosts: 23

    I had my bags hacked two days ago and I still haven't recieved any help from Trion. I've been trying to rebuild my character, but now I'm kinda worried that they ight just try to roll back my toon, which would make me losr several days worth of XP, money and items : (

  • AvathosAvathos Member UncommonPosts: 155

    Well my account just got hacked as well.

    The sad thing is that I remember many other alpha testers 

    criticizing TRION decision to change from account name to email address.

    Now I know why

  • Ren54Ren54 Member Posts: 67

    obvious coin lock updates going through tonight


    Please note there are some additional changes going out to the EU servers tonight on top of the 1.02 update that went to NA servers this morning. NA servers will receive these updates in a hotfix tomorrow morning:

    * Characters cannot be deleted while an account is Coin Locked.

    * Cleaned up a case where Satchel of Guardian Spoils or Satchel of Defiant Spoils could turn up empty at certain levels.

    * Fixed unlocking of Expert Dungeons that were taking an additional day to unlock after the NA daylight savings time change.


  • XasapisXasapis Member UncommonPosts: 5,566

    Latest update:

    A Message from Trion Customer Support

    At this time we are experiencing an extremely high volume of requests for support and are taking a much longer than expected time to get to your requests. We do appreciate your patience, as well as your part in helping to create this wonderful problem to have.

    Please know that this is not the level of customer service, nor the speed of response that you should expect from Trion Worlds Inc. We are taking steps to correct this situation as quickly as possible, however it will take us some time to get to the level of staffing necessary to provide the support that you deserve.

    There are a couple of things that you may be able to do to help us get you the assistance you need as quickly as possible.

    1. Our first priority is helping anybody whose account may have been compromised. If your account has been compromised please know that you are our top priority and we are getting to you as quickly as possible. When submitting a ticket for assistance of this kind please ensure that you select “Hacked Account” as your category in order to get the fast possible resolution. Please also title your page as “hacked account” and include the character name and shard that has been compromised.

    2. If your issue has self-resolved or if you no longer need assistance please close your ticket by typing /cs and then hitting the “Close Issue button”.

    3. If you are reporting somebody trying to sell plat (which you shouldn’t be seeing much of anymore) then please left click the player’s name and use the report spam option. This allows us to both investigate the issue as well as consistently improve our spam filter to get these aggravations out of Rift.

    Thank you for helping to make Rift the success that it is. We greatly appreciate your support and value you as a customer. We apologize for delays in responding to your requests and thank you for your continued patience while we make the changes necessary to provide the customer support and experience that you should expect from Trion.

    GM Giant

    Manager - In-Game Support

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    Originally posted by RiftFan

    Originally posted by Ad-am
    It's not really the players fault. To this day I still can't figure out how my WoW account was hacked by a gold seller. I had 2 antivirus programs on my comp too. Never ever ever bought any gold but did visit a few wow related info sites....thankfully I was able to get it recovered but totally had to change my battle net address, passwords, etc. Now I change passwords every so often. Somewhere somehow I was key logged.
    It really is the players fault. People could not live without dps meter so they downloaded 3rd party programs with bad protection and got owned by key loggers.
    Some people not using the official patcher for whatever reason and basically installing key loggers.
    I can't blame some people for wanting soul calculators and visiting sites to get it, but those sites were hacked.

    Here's the thing. I'm not sure how much it applies to Windows 7 or Vista, but for XP it's valid.

    For most consumer computers that sit behind a small router, there are two routes of entry onto your system. Your web browser and your email (if you use a separate email program).

    If you log into your computer and your account has Administrator privileges (the default), then it doesn't matter what kind of AV software you have. If you run across something new that the AV software doesn't have a definition for, it will get downloaded and executed on your machine with Administrator privileges. That means it can root your system and you're boned. Worse, somebody has to get infected somewhere before the AV software can get updated.

    Locking down email is up to the user - do not click on links, do not download attachments. Most AV software should protect you from these types of things, but some things still get through.

    Locking down your browser is a little harder, and comes with some inconveniences to make it "safer". I use Mozilla Firefox with the 'No Script' and 'Flash Block' extensions. This allows me to block active scripts and Flash animations on web pages. Active/Javascript and Flash are the two primary methods that can be used to get into your system. Stopping them from executing in the first place will disable the primary method used to get things onto your computer. No Script allows you to selectively enable Active/Javascripting for sites you trust. This is because the scripting on say, is probably safe, but the scripting coming from advertising sites or click counting sites may not be safe. You can enable only the stuff you trust. The Flash Blocker requires that you actually click on a Flash animation for it to start working. You Tube takes one extra click to watch a video and isn't a big deal.

    Finally, when you log into your computer, use an account that is a limited user. If something does get into your system, this limits the damage it can do. Keylogging becomes very difficult without system level access. You are still at risk, but you've limited the damage. This does come with some inconveniences though, since you have to run things as an Administrator account to install them, and if the installer is an .MSI file, you'll have to log in as an Administrator to run the MSI to install the application. If your game has an updater, you'll have to run the game as an administrator to do updates. Some games refuse to run without Administrator privileges. This is because they run Anti-Hack software that essentially roots your system. I generally don't play those games. It's a trade off I can live with. Others' mileage may vary.

    From what I've heard from Windows 7 users, there are additional protections in place and it runs web browsers with limited permissions whether your account is an admin or not. The 'No Script' and 'Flash Block' are still recommended with Windows 7.

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  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,866

    2 days old but worth showing

    03-19-2011 03:03 PM

    Hi, everyone -- I wanted to get an update out for the weekend after the last day of excitement around here.

    On last night's fix -- I'm very happy to confirm that we did fix a login vulnerability, with significant assistance from an extremely clever user.

    The root cause was a very subtle bug in error checking of our login validations deep in the server code. No personal information or any such was leaked out, and no outside attacker penetrated our servers, networks, or databases.

    We'd definitely like to thank Mr. ManWitDaPlan for the well-timed assist. Sir, we salute you and offer our most heartfelt thanks.

    The rest of what I'd like to add isn't to detract from the above well-deserved compliment, but it's important to include in the comprehensive picture.

    The sobering fact is that account security remains a multifaceted issue, as attacks from other sources continue.

    It's important to remember is that while a hole was identified and fixed as rapidly as we possibly could, there are still hackers and botnets trying account/password combinations from compromised web sites and past MMOs.

    They are doing this right now. Those attacks have been coming constantly since we launched the game. The only thing that changes are how many hundreds of computers are trying to get into your account at any given moment, where they're coming from, and how many are succeeding.

    We do block them as they are detected, but the fact that they are using distributed botnets (compromised computers from across the globe) means that this will remain something that we will continue keeping an eye on, forever.

    For users getting hacked this way, Coin Lock is currently doing its job protecting people's belongings, provided that your RIFT password and EMail password are both complex and entirely different.

    Both the login fix and the Coin Lock addition have been doing their part in signficantly reducing overall incidents over the last 18 hours.

    Neither one is a silver bullet, but so far it is looking to be a solid one-two punch for the weekend.

    Then, with two-factor authentication coming very soon, we expect security to be improved even further.

    All totalled up, under 1% of accounts with characters have had characters impacted. However, 1% of a surprisingly large number is still very noticeable.

    Our staff has been, and will continue to be, working around the clock to get those impacted back in shape. We'll continue hiring on even more people to help people with issues of all kinds, as quickly as we can. (Another round of hires begin on Monday, and there will be even more to follow.)

    As always, thanks very much for your time, your attention, your assistance, and your patience!

    - Scott Hartsman

    Exec Producer, RIFT

  • armodeusarmodeus Member Posts: 19

    Trion security is compromised, and i got hacked too just because they have open backdoors, bypasses and overall weak security.

    After a week of being hacked trion's cusmoter service has not responded yet,  looks like they dont care at all bout their customers.

    And today i dont have control over my account, i cant change my pass and cant change my email address.

    Hackers can and they are actually loggin into my account everyday. So Everyday im coinlocked. wft is that crap!!!

    Obviously i cancelled my account, im not paying for an account  i do not control.

    I deleted all my credit card info, im not stupid to compromise my credit card as well.

  • GolelornGolelorn Member UncommonPosts: 1,355

    If you have a keylogger you have more problems to worry about than your Rift account being taken.

    Its already been discussed, but the chances of a keylogger actually infecting your system are very slim to none. However, believe whatever you want.

  • ZzadZzad Member UncommonPosts: 1,388

    You should apply this on all online games.... common sense.

  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Member UncommonPosts: 1,102

    The number one key to not getting your system infected is to regard all downloads in this fashion:

    • If you did not go to a website or webpage with the intent of downloading something. Do not download it.

    • If you must ignore this rule, then google the thing you are downloading. Look for more sources, and information on the source. If the program looks good, use a more reputable site to download it. It's pretty reliable that if something is malware, Google will know.

    • If all you can find is one source for a download, try to find an alternative program.

    • Be vary careful of all download sites and pages on any software site. Most of them run ads that blend in with the page and say have things like a DOWNLOAD NOW link. Try to make sure what you're clicking is not a banner ad.

    I pretty freely do whatever I want on the internet.. Hulu, Kongregate, ABC, Fox, thecw, facebook (sorry). The reason most of my computer-ignorant friends keep getting this crap and I don't and many other people here don't is paying attention to what you download.


    You should also run a virus scanner. An expired copy of Norton, etc, doesn't count. There are several good free Antivirus programs.. namely AVG and Avast! Antivirus. With intelligent browsing, these will do all you need.


    You can also download Malwarebytes Anti Malware, and Spybot Search & Destroy so that if you get an infection, you're prepared.

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  • getting down with the necro here, but as this is stickied i figured it'd be ok.

    i was hacked in Rift as well recently. i got two emails. one was a coin lock notification, and the second was a change of email on my account. i freeked out and called trion support and within a 5 minutes got a rep on the phone. told them i was hacked and she fixed it fast. they asked me security questions and we changed up my account info/email and pswd. said it would be up to 24 hours to rollback my charecters and was done in less then an hour. she gave me a free month of game time and apologized over and over. she stated there may be some issues in some of the third party addons and to run a virus scan. whole time on the phone was about 15 minutes including time waiting for a rep.

    i was messin with a few addons the night before and am pretty sure it had something to do with the issues i had. trion gave me a free month game time and the best customer service experience i'd had in a game because i was click happy with addons. i love Trion!

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