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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: EVE Online



  • MonkiboyMonkiboy Member Posts: 13

    Originally posted by fizzle32

    You know...now that I think about it...moo broke up right around the time WoW came out LOL

    This is why the lag issues need to be fixed.
    Other MMORPG's deal with this issue- by instancing.

    Consider for a fact, that when a large battle occurs- it doesnt just fry the poor bastards in the battle, it fries everyone else in the same node. Those people in the belts fighting NPC's etc.

    By instancing, the battle could occur on a lone server, where all CPU/bandwidth resources are focused on just the battle. Not NPC spawns, not jumpgates, not mineral replenishing, not market or trade.

    This is what I believe the most sensible decision would be. Setting it up would be a different issue though.

    If my enemy is on the other side of a gate, am I going to convo them and say "lets meet in combat room 2"- probably not. However, the issue really comes down to how badly we want a clean fight.

    Lets face it, when you're sieging another party, you dont want them to leave. You want them to die.
    Providing a nice way for them to fight you away from the scene isnt always what you want.
    It depends on what the purpose of the battle is.
    For this reason, while I'd like to see instancing battles (like complexes) set up for PvP'ing- I have trouble determining how it might be implemented in eve.


  • AlkatrazAlkatraz Member Posts: 119

    I have also doubts about how instancing can be implemented in EVE, and if we take as a model all the other games where instancing is working then i see few problems in trying to make EVE the same :

    1) Instancing takes away that feeling that u are in the same universe with all the other players

    2) Keping in mind that today u can hardly get a good fight, imagine how many people will scream "Murder" on forums when they will realise that they can't gank anymore 40 vs 1

    3) EVE will be transformed into a carebear land due to the fact that no1 would agree to fight u unless they have biger numbers and u'd agree to fight against the odds

    The fact that we NEED better performance from servers still remains but i don't think that the instancing system that we know from other games can be aplied to EVE....

  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265
    i was in a battle a couple of nights ago, my largest since exodus only about 50 ships in total but there were over 120 drones out etc..  alot of doms for some reason, anyhow i would habe to say categoricaly i was amazingly better, so at least theres that, not as good as it would be nice to have, but they have made a great improvment.


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