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Still having fun with more to come!

GandrellGandrell Member Posts: 22

I have been playing CoG Since beta and alot has been improved since and alot more needs to be done to make this game great. It has a kinda Morrowind feel and for many resons I enjoy this game over the big names out there now.

I know this game is not for most with lack of content other games have or others play but, I think this game has so much potential and alot of changes and add-on are on the way in the next few weeks.  With crafting being revamped, hundreds of new items and quest to name a few.

If you haven't tryed this game out and you like the Elder Scroll series, you may wanna give it a shot.

Population is very low on both ptp servers and ftp, with a mix of people that speak different languages, so sometimes it seems you are the only one out there but, your not.

If anyone wants to play and would like a friend to get help from feel free to add me. I play on the p2p server on the dark side and the name is Gorgoth. I will be glad to answer any in-game questions and give help any way I can.

There is also a f2p server so you can try the game first and see if you like it.

Hope to see you in-game


  • KanylKanyl Member UncommonPosts: 252



    I am looking for a sanbox mmorpg, and this seems kinda good!


    Are you still playing?

  • GandrellGandrell Member Posts: 22

    Yes I do. I was on the f2p sever but, have moved over to the p2p server due to expence of buying in-game items. I play on the bad side I guess you call it. I am on everyday, usually on late evenings though the night with my 3rd shift job. My in-game name is Gorgoth and my forum name is bobokiller. Feel free to add me to your firends list if ya wanna game togeather or need any help. 

    I would try the f2p to see if you like the game first and then if you want, jump over to the p2p. its only like 10$ sub, so thats not too bad. Also, there is alot to this game that ppl don't see when first playing and might need help on understanding on how the game is played.

    So ya, hope to see you there! I'll be back on tomorrow night.

  • AkynosAkynos Member Posts: 5

    Elder Scrolls series? this game is nothing like a real-time combat MMO :/  I am playing F2P right now, but I struggle to keep going, as it seems community is so little , xp so low and quests so hard.

    keep looking

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