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Haven & Hearth (UO style)

AtrusVAtrusV Member UncommonPosts: 305

Haven & Hearth

It has ugly graphics but it's totally player based. It has a good craft system were the quality of the items really matters. And it has perma-death. The combat system is too strange so you should start building your own village before even think of attacking the wild life. In the case you need to kill a fox, a boar or a bear, shoot them with a sling from a boat in the middle of the river and then run after them when they flee.

It has a really hard learning curve, and at the beginning all you can do is almost useless even for yourself (like picking branches, digging in the ground, you even receive a fishing pole without fishing line, nor hook nor bait [alive or crafted]), however, it's easier to start with friends and when you get a fixed food source (fishing is the best, but just where you see fish jumping out of the water) and start building your first houses it becomes fun. However, you are going to stablish in different places throughout your stay in the game, because you will discover better resources in other places.

- Do not learn the swimming skill, is the easiest way to die (drown in the river), the second is killed by an animal in melee range

- When you stablish your first village you should start farming the ground to get a reliable food source. And making a table, a chair and tableware is the best way to benefit from the food

- Quality matters a lot. Not at the beginning, but for example.... better saws allows you to chop more planks from a tree. Better carpentry skill allows you to make high quality items (there are soft caps and hard caps related to the quality of a crafted item, that's why you need better raw materials to craft better items), for example, in a good table, chair and using good tableware, you are going to receive a better profit from the food you eat. You must also select the best seeds (and increase your farming skill) to get better crops and get better food.

- It's very similar to EVE, because it's skill based

- It's hard to do PVP so better don't cause troubles to anybody until you can kill and destroy villages. If you commit a criminal action you can be tracked down and killed, and your village plundered, or it's possible that your enemy likes your village and he builds a new palisade, new gates and literally steal your whole village.

- Buildings and items abandoned outdoor receive damage and finally they will get destroyed unless you repair them. You can find a lot of ruins and things abandoned by other players. For example, my friends found a great village with nice crops, abandoned, because it had a cave, and when their last inhabitants used it to mine for minerals they didn't place pillars and some part of the ceiling fell over their heads, insta-killing them (they were also carrying the key of the gates, so they would be trapped outside if they create a new character [in fact, a son of your character, which will inherit part of the learning points])


- Check the official forums, in the ideas section, and download and use a modified client, so you can use the fullscreen settings. Even a X-ray "cheat" (not really) to see behind objets (it has isometrical view), and it's 2D



  • lalartulalartu Member UncommonPosts: 445

    this game's been around for ages.


    if it wasnt for occasional player wipe, i would still be playing it. i ended up investing months into it and took a 2 months break to come back to a wiped character...


    its ok overall, but i have more hope in Xsyon which is very similar but with better graphics

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