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I have re-discovered a game

AtrusVAtrusV Member UncommonPosts: 305

Last time I played League of Legends I was playing alone. I had fun but in the end, the maps were too repetitive for me and I didn't even try to master any character.

But one month ago I heard some buddies were playing it and I played with them. God, the game gains +10 points or so. Playing it while you talk with friends in TS is awesome. You get better results than solo-ing and you win more times, which increases your desire of playing again. However, don't play it too much, even with friends it can become a bit too stressing.

The first time I played I just tried Veigar and Garen (pre-nerf) but I'm a casual gamer, and I get a bit tired of playing the same character many times a row. Now I began playing with Blitzcrank (It seemed to be my kind of character, but it cost 6000+ IP to unlock it), I unlocked Garen because I remembered I played nice with him time ago, but now I sucked playing with him. Then I unlocked Kayle, which was unexpectedly good (it's a melee but when you use her skills she becomes a ranged dps + support, pretty funny), and played with Mordekaiser (one of the free champions this week, I liked it and I think I have mastered it a bit) finally, this week I tried Maokai (I like how it looks but it's not my style) and tomorrow I'm planning to try Malphite


By the moment, my prefered champions are:

- Blitzkrank: The hook is too useful, even to get the first blood catching an opponent in front of your tower XD

- Kayle: I think is my kind of character while I'm giving support and harassing the enemy from distance

- Mordekaiser: It's a good finisher and a good off-tank, I haven't achieved results as good as when I'm playing Kayle but, bleh, I love his look XD

- Maokai: I don't find it too useful (probably I'm wrong) but when you throw a sapling to an almost dead oponent and it pursues him while crying WIIIIIIIIIIII, BUMMM is like .... OMG ROFL XDDD, and the skill range is very large, sadly I think it will get nerfed. It's a very good skill but it's the only skill that you can use to deal a lot of damage. The linear skill is good but it's too short. The ultime skill has the shortest cooldown for an ultimate skill and I see it quite complex, so it would help a lot when pushing with more than 3 mates, however you need to equip tank items and taunt everybody to get a nice hit when the skill ends, which reduces your damge with the other skills (equiping tank items). Definitvely, it's not my kind of character.

- Veigar: If only he wasn't so weak maybe I would rate him better than maokai, but his endurance doesn't pay. He can hit hard but you need to feed him a lot. And the dark matter strike doesn't hit as hard as I would like (even with full AP items)

- Garen: God, it's frustrating when you can't reach the opponent, although he is good in melee combat but he's very kiteable.


In brief, if you are bored of the actual games and you have some friends you can bring with you to League of Legends, try it, by the moment it's the only game that it's saving me from deadly boredom until SWTOR, TERA, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Portal 2.....



  • RednecksithRednecksith Member Posts: 1,238

     I love this game, but unfortunately have no friends to play with, and the community there in general is... well, it makes WoW's look like a bunch of boy scouts, TBH.

    A damn shame, really. I'm happy you're enjoying it though, it can be very fun.

  • AtrusVAtrusV Member UncommonPosts: 305

    Originally posted by Rednecksith

     I love this game, but unfortunately have no friends to play with, and the community there in general is... well, it makes WoW's look like a bunch of boy scouts, TBH.
    A damn shame, really. I'm happy you're enjoying it though, it can be very fun.

    Yes, but it can become too repetitive quickly. If you are a casual gamer I don't recommend you to join a hardcore guild of LoL, it would become very frustrating (or not). i am an ex-EVE player (I played for 5 years in addition to WoW when I was tired of EVE), and me and our clanmates used to play other small games when we got tired of rolling the ship in the station. That's why our clan created a community were active members, old members and friends could join and play other games together or just post in the forums. Also our clan had an academy of new pilots and some of them were more attracted to play other games like (Heaven and Hearth [it's strange, it has ugly graphics but it's UO like, you can build your own village], League of Legends and other), I joined them playing League of Legends and that's why I'm so addicted to LoL, at least by the moment.

    PS Haven and Hearth has a hard learning curve but it can provide fun when you get the basic skills. It's recommended to not to start alone, better with other friend. It has perma-death, so watch out. And don't fight the animals until you can shoot them from a boat in the middle of the river. And don't walk beside boars or bears, they have auto-aggro.

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