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New Game

Lurker666Lurker666 Member Posts: 4

MMorpg verteran is looking for a new game, tried wow, lord of the rings online, guild wars, lineage 2, age of conan, warhammer online, aion,runes of magic, eve online must be a lot of crafting in and something like wow.

It doesn't matter if it's free to play or pay to play.


  • DaitenguDaitengu Member Posts: 442

    That's an impossible request.  Nothing WoW 'like' has good crafting.

  • XasapisXasapis Member RarePosts: 6,337

    Fallen Earth?

  • vladwwvladww Member UncommonPosts: 417

    Originally posted by Daitengu

    That's an impossible request.  Nothing WoW 'like' has good crafting.

     you stole my words

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  • feiritedfeirited Member Posts: 57

    Have you tried everquest 2? Try the extended version you could like it.

  • Lurker666Lurker666 Member Posts: 4

    Well i will be playing lineage2 and rift, thank you for you're answers

  • nickman1993nickman1993 Member Posts: 287

    Vanguard, amazingly complex crafting system

  • brash99brash99 Member UncommonPosts: 94

    Fallen Earth & Vanguard both have very good crafting. Fallen Earth crafts are more "useable" on a bigger scale (almost everything in game is player made), but I like the "process" of crafting better in Vanguard (more immersive craft system)

    EQ2 if you want a lot of crafting options but more "like" WoW.

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