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So Bored Right Now

gamespamgamespam Member Posts: 456

I've been dying to dive back into MMOs. After finals next week, I don't have any classes for two months. I don't want a break because breaks are for people getting tired of playing. So, lately I've been scouting potential games.

I've logged into a froob account on AO and found out that there are problems with T7 towers. Appearently, Europeans play Clan and Americans play Omni for the most part. Therefore, Clan (biggest population) own all the towers and Omni lack the manpower and timezone advantage to do anything about it. If you know anything about AO, you know that towers give you a slight advantage in PvP/PvE and equiping gear. Should I level up a toon while this gets worked out? I'm thinking about it.

Another game that I miss is EQ. Actually, I was recently thinking how great it would be if AO and EQ did a graphics update and fresh servers to bring in more players. Well, then Flippy was announced. So, despite the fact that I was holding off until after finals to start gaming again, I bought all the expacs +30 days free game time for $20. I couldn't resist. I even told my boss and he's kinda pissed for tempting him into it (says he'll lose his wife if he played EQ the way he wants to play it. lol). But, I didn't create a character on Flippy, I did it on Zek because I like open world PvP. It's lonely. Perhaps a PvP progression server would change that. Should I just play alone for the most part? I'm thinking about it.

Then I was also thinking about AOC. I was thinking about why I quit in the first place. The circle strifing, the speed hacks, etc. That just annoys me. It also lacks depth that my other favorites have. But I love the graphics and I really liked the PvE even though I'm on Tyranny. Then along comes the new PvP server ruleset announcement. Do I resub and knock the rust off before May and give it another try? I'm thinking about it.

EVE. I play off and on. See something exciting happening, resub, blobs get stale, don't bother leaving the station, unsub, repeat. I never have more than one MMO sub active and if I do, it's EVE (meaning playing two different games, not two EVE accounts). There is no thinking about it here, I'm going to do it anyways at some point as I described above. I am just fine with that because this game is always worth it when I'm in the mood.

SWG. Been there since the terrible problems of launch day. I even called in "sick" that day like any gamer should. I tried it twice since NGE. It left me behind. I know what some of you are thinking, *in my Yoda voice* "......there is another." and no, not talking about TOR.

F2P. I played tons. I like most of them and there are some really good ones that don't require too much cash shop items. However, I hate that they punish you for PvP, i.g. making you red so you can't get xp etc etc.

I knew that games have been crap for awhile, but it really sunk in these past two weeks of scouting. With the exception of AOC, all the games I listed by name are old, yet appeal to me. They have more depth and require more thinking. You really have the freedom of making your character the way you want it, not some laid out skill trees of three paths of which only one is good.

I see nothing coming ahead. I stopped getting excited for hyped games long ago after Dark and Light. I only have interest not excitement. Earthrise interested me (yes, I broke my rule to play beta). That failed. Got the beta invites to Rift, but never bothered to download the client. Lost my interest in TERA. The next I see coming that interest me is Archeage. But whoa that's a long time to wait for a potentially crap game (or it could be the greatest ever).

I know I'm not the only one thinking like this. I just want to know what you guys are playing because any game that requires thinking and planning is lacking population (EVE being an exception). I don't want to hear someone tell me what to play, I just want to know where everyone is at. I want to know if older games appeal to you more than these new ones being pushed out like the latest hip-hop CD.

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