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New MMO, heres my story

fissehansfissehans Member Posts: 25

Hi guys

Im new to the forum and im here to get help in my research to find a new game for me and 3 friends.

I played EverQuest back in the days, which I liked alot, since it offered a well diversified game for both grouping and solo PvEing. I dont mind, that theres not tons of quests. And I like the idea of grinding in a group set up, where you look for a efficient team to take down mobs that actually take pose a difficulty. Myself, I played a druid, so I used to snare kite alot - but I also teamed up with necromancers to snare-fear-kite. This was great fun and it posed a challenge to do it efficiently.

In EQ, there was also these sub-levels of swimming, running, melee weapons etc. That skill would max out at 200. I think this is a great idea, so that theres not only levels and skills, but also passive learning.

I also played DAoC, when that came out - the PvE was not matche by EverQuest, but it was still tons of grouping trying to take down mobs fast and efficiently, I remember AoE groups in AC, where I my self was a sorcerer - my job was to buff and CC. Although DAoC wasnt for PvE, i still liked the idea of grouping for a reason.

Now the big deal in DAoC was the objective based PvP/RvR - which I liked alot. I played in a smaller danish guild, which only purpose was to roam in the frontiers. In my own words we owned quite alot due to effective teamwork, skype/ventrilo and a well diversified gank groups. I remember, me, a healer and 2 infiltrators and 2 scouts going nuts. In where me and the healer posed as bait - went for AoE CC, letting the stealthers pop to take down the group, while I kept CC'ing and the healer kept us alive, when CC was purged.

I tried out WoW, when it was in beta - I hit level 40 and said to myself "what a noob-friendly game"... I quit and never looked back. I dont think either the PvE content of wow is matched by EQ, nor the PvP matched by DAoC. Also I dont like the idea, that you can solo-quest your way into max level.

I tried out Age of Conan, thinking this would be the next big thing. And it was fun, with me and my friends ganking PvE'ers on a PvP server, but the fact that you could just change instance, meant that our guild couldnt just dominate the areas. So that kinda failed aswell, the PvE content was developed enough - i think that changed, but I cant comment.

I tried rift beta - its a fine game if you are into WoW, im kinda not - and I didnt even feel like logging in. So what to do?

I haven't crafted much during my MMORPG life, but I like the idea of crafting aswell - I think that crafted items should be a top priority for a good MMORPG, so that its very important in that matter it should be some of the best ingame items.

As for payments, I dont mind paying for the game - but what I mind is a F2P, that is actually pay2win. If its an item mall game, the mall should only contain convenience goods - like exp boosts, appearence goods etc. Nothing that will turn the tides in your favour in terms of PvP.

So what is the game im looking for, does it even exist?


Cliff notes:

I need a game that consists of;

1. PvE that matters - it should take time and effort to grind and mobs should pose a challenge, both in groups and solo.

2. PvP that is realm and objective based


I might change OP, if I remember more.


  • jabari800jabari800 Member Posts: 9

    Tell me if you find something! gotta join xd

    I love MMO`s - why dont they love me?

  • fissehansfissehans Member Posts: 25

    Originally posted by jabari800

    Tell me if you find something! gotta join xd

     So I guess, me and my friends arent the only ones searching for the "ultimate" MMORPG - i mean, i see so many posts of people searching this and that, how come Sony, Mythic/EA, Funcom etc, not read these forums?

  • BenediktBenedikt Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    Originally posted by fissehans

    Originally posted by jabari800

    Tell me if you find something! gotta join xd

     So I guess, me and my friends arent the only ones searching for the "ultimate" MMORPG - i mean, i see so many posts of people searching this and that, how come Sony, Mythic/EA, Funcom etc, not read these forums?

     because those "many posts" are still a insignificant fraction of players they want to target?

  • SinnahtiSinnahti Member Posts: 5

    While you are waiting for a game to fit all those standards, I do believe that DAoC is still available and playable on a server that averages about 2k players. There is also an EQ1 private server called Project 1999 ( that is emulating EQ1 back in it's glory days. 


    Unfortunately I dont have a new game to suggest to you at this time. I would also love to see a DAoC type game happen again. Only thing I could suggest is if you love those games, hop back in there until something comes along.


    Currently back on WoW until a game comes around that shows me it doesnt suck.

  • ZebrionZebrion Member Posts: 12

    If you can adjust to the learning curve and the setting, it sounds like EVE fits your game.  Small squads can block off choke points, fairly open PvP all around, extremely complex and team-oriented for both PvE and PvP.  The crafting system is top notch and the entire economy is player-driven.  There are tangible rewards for killing people (you get to keep the modules they had on their ship).  If it's your kind of thing, there are definitely large-scale battles to be had when the corporations start declaring war, and if you happen to be around when two of the big alliances declare war, you can definitely see the impact it has on the game world.


    My only caution against the game is the extreme learning curve, and the fact that it does take a little bit to get set up.  Your skills train over time (placed in a queue) and continue while offline, with some of the skills taking anywhere from 15 minutes to days, and I think maybe even as much as a week for some of the higher end ranks.


    All in all, EVE is probably the most stable and intricate game I've ever played.  Check it out, and give it a month or two before you pass judgement.

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