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Poll: World of Warcraft Worst community?

I like other aspects of the game.


  • Germaximus_SGermaximus_S Member UncommonPosts: 1,061

    Probably seeing that is has the biggest community.

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  • BribarianIBribarianI Member Posts: 120

    Originally posted by monstermmo

    Probably seeing that is has the biggest community.

    That's a good point, but I'm basing it more on percentage wise.  Even with it's large community, the bad community is still a large percentage.

  • AnnwynAnnwyn Member UncommonPosts: 2,854

    Originally posted by monstermmo

    Probably seeing that is has the biggest community.

    This really.


    The more players you have, the higher the chances some will be complete "assholes".

  • AnnwynAnnwyn Member UncommonPosts: 2,854

    Originally posted by BribarianI

    Originally posted by monstermmo

    Probably seeing that is has the biggest community.

    That's a good point, but I'm basing it more on percentage wise.  Even with it's large community, the bad community is still a large percentage.

    Do you have any factual percentage to determine wether it is large or not? It could easily be explained with a very vocal minority of players afterall.

  • TomGorbinTomGorbin Member Posts: 6

    edit nvm

  • ExploriumExplorium Member Posts: 395

    I found EVE had a horrible community as well. I found it one of the worst ones. I found it worse than WoW. Way worse. On the RP-PvP server I was on in WoW, it actually had an amazing community.

    AoC has (or had) a bad community, at least on Tyranny and the RP PvP server, but it isn't that much different than other MMOs

    Of course, there is always the players in all MMOs that go "LOL GO BACK TO WOW NOOB" as soon as you make even the slightest criticsm about even a bug...even if I don't even like WoW. That happened a lot in Everquest classic new server and in Everquest 2. Happens in VG quite a bit as well, no wonder its dead, people told them to leave, and they did.

    Guild Wars is full of people who want to cyber you

    Tibia actually has the WORST community of any MMO. Great game (I found it fun), ruined by the players. They treat you nice at first, but as soon as you speak English, they turn on you...at least that was my experience.


    A lot more examples of bad communities.


    The best community I've experienced has been (in game AND on forums), Runescape (surprisingly)...City of Heroes, DC Universe isn't too bad, Lord of the Rings Online (at least it was before it was f2p, dunno what its like now), Fallen Earth and Istaria. I'm sure there are others, but thats off top of my head.

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 36,353

    Guild Wars was one of the worst IMO.

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  • OnigodOnigod Member UncommonPosts: 756

    Mmorpg.com worst comunity? yes  for making the same cry weening wow trash topics all day long i dont like wow so i dont look at it dont cry about it dont even talk about it but i have a live

  • MimiEZMimiEZ Member Posts: 225

    In my opinion about 60% of the players are nice, mature and helpful in wow. Another 30% is immature and weird, while 10% are elitist. It just happens the last 40% are the loudest. I prefer immature weird people to elitist people because they really don't make you angry, they just make you roll your eyes, and sometimes laugh at their stupidity, elitist are never good. The games I've played the most in the last year are WoW, and Eve so those are the only ones I'll judge, and I think Wow has more weirdoes but Eve has the most elitist, making eve worst in my opinion. The worst ever was a F2P game I played a long time ago.

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  • uohaloranuohaloran Member Posts: 811

    I'm a firm believer that the percentage of idiots is a constant no matter where you go, so...

    Blizzard is directly responsible for the community not being able to flourish, though. Between having no distinction anymore for server heroes/villains due to cross server battlegrounds and the dungeon finder, you're not able to even build a community since you'll rarely interact. The only hope I ever saw for community building post-Blizzard mistakes (in my opinion - before someone gets arse pained) was on RP servers and they're even becoming infested with players intentionally breaking conduct with no repercussions.

    The community itself, though? At it's core, it's the same as every other game I've played but with a larger userbase that indirectly leads to more idiots.

    You might say that with a larger userbase you would also have more nice people. I do think this is true but the nice people are more reserved and kept. Where an offensive person would try and stir trouble or be a general pain to the community, a nicer person would just move along to not waste time or take the bait, so to speak.

  • jpnzjpnz Member Posts: 3,529

    It really is impossible to classify 12 million players in a general way. Like real-life, you'll always have those who are good/middle/bad.

    However, most MMOs offers a way to play with only those you want (aka: guilds). Besides, one never really interacts with the 'whole' community anyway. Just like one doesn't really interact with everyone in the country they live in.

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  • VirusDancerVirusDancer Member UncommonPosts: 3,649

    I had to disagree.  Much like every (EVERY) game out there, there are going to be helpful people and there are going to be people you would step over if you saw them bleeding in the street (some you might even "accidentally" step on as you pass them by).

    Many games have that vocal minority that is incredibly annoying - but that does not mean that is the entire community by any means.

    Honestly, it is much like here on the MMORPG forums.  One could say there is a pretty crappy community here, if one were just to pay attention to the various trolls, flamers, etc - but the same goes for school, work, and life in general.

    Communities are a mixture... short of going to live in a shack in the middle of the woods (where you might find that some of the squirrels are asshats)...not much you can do.

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  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Member UncommonPosts: 1,102

    The reason bigger community means worse is because the more people playing, the less repercussions there are for bad behavior. The stance the GMs officially take only furthers the problem. As long as poor conduct doesn't violate "hate" rules, they don't care.

    "Ninja"ing when loot rules weren't explicitly stated and corpse camping mean nothing to GMs.

    Dungeon finder expanded this because you rarely meet the same person twice and aren't likely to remember anything but the worst people. A lot of the griefers will also wait til the people they offend aren't from the same server. People who feel so violated that they take something to the ninja/whatever's realm forum/trade chat find themselves laughed at and mocked (and rightfully so, only because the game would be worse if that was acceptable behavior as well).

    A smaller game will also work harder to retain its subscriptions.

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  • ShiftlessShiftless Member Posts: 41

    Go read CAOD on the EVE forums...

  • maplestonemaplestone Member UncommonPosts: 3,099

    Per capita, UO still has the most self-destructive community I have encountered.  There are many ways this passion is a tribute to the game's history and design, but I think anyone who is a community rep for that game deserves danger pay.

  • majimaji Member UncommonPosts: 2,091

    Depends a lot on the server. For example I experienced english speaking servers to be far worse community wise than german ones. Games with worse communities? Heroes of Newerth is an example.

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  • bunnyhopperbunnyhopper Member CommonPosts: 2,751

    Define 'worst', if delusion is part of the equation then looking at the official SWG forums they must be waaaay up the power rankings.

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  • elockeelocke Member UncommonPosts: 4,335

    I've seen much worse.  Age of Conan is the first that comes to mind followed by Darkfall.  

  • KrematoryKrematory Member UncommonPosts: 608

    Worst community? Not even close.

    "EVE is likely the best MMORPG that you've never really understood or played" - Kyleran

  • bunnyhopperbunnyhopper Member CommonPosts: 2,751

    Originally posted by elocke

    I've seen much worse.  Age of Conan is the first that comes to mind followed by Darkfall.  

    Darkfall forum community = herpa derp. IG community can be suprisingly nice, when they are not trying to smash your face in that is.

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  • InveritusInveritus Member UncommonPosts: 55

    The worst community I've ever been a part of is Age of Conan. Almost everyone in the game was a rude, overly-entitled, self-righteous, sanctimonious asshole. And the ones who weren't were roleplayers, and not the sort who just stayed in character. They were the ones who pretended that they were Orgofarth, King of Chiapettia. It wasn't even vaguely related to what was actually going on around them, or even the game, most of the time.


    Conversely, the best I've ever seen is City of Heroes, most likely due to the social nature of the game. Every time you played, you made a new friend, due to the teaming functions. Jerks, hatemongerers, and other malcontents were quickly ostracized and shunned. Made for a very enjoyable experience.

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