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CammyCammy Member Posts: 864

Anyone else have this problem? I enjoy them all very much its really tough to stay focused on one character.

I have them all to almost level 10 - so I'm going to eventually decide to level one to 50 but its a toss up. Warrior was least interesting to me, followed by Mages. Clerics and of course Rogues are very enjoyable, though I dont like seeing 10000 rogues in every single event. 

How about you guys? How did you come to you decision to stick with one class and level away?


  • djnexusdjnexus Member Posts: 677

    Even though I dont play just tried the beta's. Isnt there not a need to reroll chars because you can just switch your tree's around? Also wouldnt reading the same quest lines get boring after so many times?

  • drake_hounddrake_hound Member Posts: 773

    having the same problem making tons of toons to level 10 to test , but honestly after altholisme .

    Leveled my rogue a bit more . you don´t need more then 4 toons . since souls can be gotten from quest in sanctum .

    And based on that you can reforge your class .

    Warrior i really didn´t like , its maybe my builds but one of the build i could really gimp and feel weak like hell :D

    Its more my fault then anything else , since went totally 3 different choices :D

    Mage was fun just mana goes too fast for my taste (am a fast clicker)

    Rogue well yup seeing tons of those but mostly , cause they do have the survivability plus action that warriors lack .

    Cleric also a popular choice , but I really didn´t want to heal .. and killing is a bit slower .

    Infact basically mages and rogues are the fastest killers .

    Anyway so just settle for 4 toons , with the build you want that solves it . you don´t have to level zillion XD

  • CammyCammy Member Posts: 864

    Oh I realize the max you need is 4 tunes, but Im having a hard time deciding on ONE toon. They're all really great, except for - as you said, I didn't care for the warrior calling very much. 

    Overall though they're really well balanced and put together. I enjoy them all - having a harder time to settle on just one (so - the rate is going Ill probably have a 45, 44, 41, 10 character/level ratio) ROFL :D

  • PrecusorPrecusor Member UncommonPosts: 3,589

    Had the same problem until i started to play the Bard :D

  • CammyCammy Member Posts: 864

    Originally posted by Precusor

    Had the same problem until i started to play the Bard :D


    Bards are great. Im really liking the cleric.


    Playing a Justicar/Warden combo - great survivability and can still dish some dmg with a big 2h. I may give Shaman a try and other healing choices - lots of options in this game which I like.

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,458

    I've been enjoying the Champion and whatever the elemental warrior is called. That mix was awesome.


    I love how everyone has their own loved combo - mine is warlord/paladin. :) Not sure what the third is going to be yet... currently champion.


    I think you possibly should level your current favourite to 20 or so and get all the souls and then play around to see what works for YOU. If nothing sticks, then try another archetype.


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