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A happy new year to all EVE adicts!

AlkatrazAlkatraz Member Posts: 119

Just wanted to wish a Happy New Year to everybody and may all ur wishes come true!

Was wondering what u guys wish for the next year, so i will start by wishing for better performance when fighting in big battles, fixing of projectiles weapons and another 1000 kill mails :) 



  • CatastrofikCatastrofik Member Posts: 43

    I will echo your wishes and add T2 Battleships. ::::02::



  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

    Happy New Deer!!!

    im mean

    Happy New Beer!!!

    im mean

    Happy New Year!! image



  • DarkLugia459DarkLugia459 Member Posts: 8

    Happy Hunting!

    I'm taking a little hiatus from EVE, unfortunately. We're all allowed to take a break, so feel free to join WoW any time you feel. Because, personally, EVE is the game that will never die out for me, it was my first MMORPG and it will definately be my last, even if I take breaks inbetween.

    Waiting for:
    --More T2
    --Missile Changes
    --Interceptor Changes
    --Ship Health Changes
    --Heavy Assault Ship Skill
    --My Dominix to get sold

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