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LF Game w/ Breeding ala FXVII Chocobos

CarnifexRexCarnifexRex Member Posts: 52

Titles says it all. Is there any persistant online game that you breed pets/mounts/companions of any sort?


I know FFXI implemented chocobo breeding some time ago, but that game just cant hold my interest.


Any others?


Thanks in advance, cheers.


  • CarnifexRexCarnifexRex Member Posts: 52


  • pwnzorellOrpwnzorellOr Member Posts: 216

    There is an UO-like sandbox style MMORPG currently in development where you can also breed pets which might be worth to take a look at. :)

    I think they currently accept new beta accounts, if not just check their site from time to time!


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  • CarnifexRexCarnifexRex Member Posts: 52

    Thanks! Ill be sure to check it out!

  • anemoanemo Member RarePosts: 1,903

    A tale in the desert you can breed flowers, not sure if you can actually do anything with them.

    WurmOnline has livestock breeding in general, but I haven't played since before it was implemented.

    Haven and Hearth also has livestock breeding.  but it's just about getting more animals.

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