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Blizzard lost it's innovation....



  • Laughing-manLaughing-man Member RarePosts: 3,648

    Yeah I'm confused why they think its cool to keep brining back old content?

    ZA and ZG as 85 Heroics?

    I don't understand why they think that we don't notice they're being lazy.

  • MimiEZMimiEZ Member Posts: 225

    I don't see anything wrong with bringing back old content, as long as the there is more new content also being added with it. LIke adding ZA and ZG with 3 brand new instances, and other stuff <--if they did that then I wouldn't be so annoyed, but it seems ZA and ZG major parts of patch 4.1 which is just stupid. I'm sort of happy I'm not playing wow right now.

    -I want a Platformer MMO

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