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Try a forum for Hero's Journey?

Idnc31Idnc31 Member Posts: 25
I just saw the new screen shots and immediately went to their site. Hero's Journey looks awesome and hopefully will be going asap. I'm really looking forward to this 1. I wish I could get more info on the game and if you guys started a forum i'm sure there are people out there with info that would be interested in telling what they know.



  • AdrealAdreal Member Posts: 2,087

    Yeah. I second that, Idnc. I'm on the HJ Council which you can sign up for here: http://www.play.net/hj/info/apply/hcapp.asp

    I've got plenty of information that I'd be willing to share. I wish there were an HJ section in the Games in Development. If there is and I can't find one, then let me know.

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