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LostarLostar Member UncommonPosts: 891

Steadfast to the mandates of our consciences; steadfast in our support of each other; steadfast in the belief that we can change the world, we unite as equals to forge an enlightened and prosperous future for the Horde.

We are Raiders who Roleplay, Roleplayers who PvP, PvPers who Raid...and everything in between.


We are:

~A mature guild who seeks mature players

~Raiders that are organized and patient

~Casual in our approach through raid progression

~Roleplayers that enjoy exploring the lore of Azeroth

~Prone to take action in Arenas and Battlegrounds for the glory of the Horde

~Friendly and respectful to one another



We are not:

~A stepping stone to other guilds - So don't use us as one!

~Beggars - Though we often help if asked with an amount of patience.

~Griefers - Unless you're an Alliance. This means we do not take advantage of each others kindness.

~That serious about progressing through content faster than any other guild


We are experienced in Ulduar, ToC 10/25 man, Onyxia 10/25, and VoA 10/25, (some) ICC 10

Currently we are looking for motivated new members to fill our roster for 10 man content and heroics, and in time and after some growth, towards 25 man content again.

Currently we are raiding 2 to 3 nights a week; Typically Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; starting around 815pm realm time.

We have weekly Roleplay evenings on Thursdays called "Tavern Night" starting at 830p.

We seek those who are willing to read and abide to our Guild's Bylaws.

We offer:

~A relaxing and friendly atmosphere for raiding, pvping, and roleplay. Our focus can change depending on what our guild is most interested in.

~A sophisticated EPGP (DKP) system that offers fairness and visibility so all members can track their own and each others progress

~Arena Teams in all of the three brackets (Currently down)

~A Ventrillo Server that is paid for and Guild Site that is ad-free


We've been around for awhile and we are seeking more players that can fill our ranks. Now is an exciting time to join! We are recruiting many new raiders that are ready to venture into end game content but we will consider others. We do not discriminate against class or spec.

We are a hybrid guild that attempts to enjoy the variety of activities that World of Warcraft has to offer. However, we do not require guild members to participate in all of the activities (Raiding, PvP, Roleplay). In other words: Do what you most enjoy.

 Interested applicants must fill out an application for several purposes, one being, the application upon acceptance is integrated with our ability to register you to our site. If this is an issue for you and you are still strongly interested in Steadfast, please contact me (Angellis) ingame.

Visit our Guild Site and fill out an application:

You may also contact us in game for any questions:

Zentao: Speakers (Officers of Recruitment)

Angellis: Record Keeper (Guardian of Recruitment and Meetings)

Baranthore: Warlords (Officers of Raiding)

Dharkoth: Bard (Officer of Roleplay)

Solivar: Lore Master {Guardian of Roleplay)

Synaes: Marshal (Officer of PvP)

Dayari: Battle Master (Guardian of PvP)

Forever shall we remain Steadfast!

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