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Who can't wait to watch Star Wars III?



  • JodokaiJodokai Member Posts: 1,621

    First off, I never read the books. Second: I've listed a BUNCH of things that have nothing to do with Boba Fett that are totally retarded about RotJ. Third, Lucas has a whole team of people reading the books to make sure everything fits into Star Wars. Please don't try to make George Lucas into the saviour of all that's good and pure just because he wrote an awsome story. The man is a money grubbing asshole. All you have to do is look at the facts and you'll see that's true.

  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Member UncommonPosts: 1,528

    Originally posted by Jodokai

    First off, I never read the books. Second: I've listed a BUNCH of things that have nothing to do with Boba Fett that are totally retarded about RotJ. Third, Lucas has a whole team of people reading the books to make sure everything fits into Star Wars. Please don't try to make George Lucas into the saviour of all that's good and pure just because he wrote an awsome story. The man is a money grubbing asshole. All you have to do is look at the facts and you'll see that's true.

    And yet with such a lowly opinion of him you give him money.  I would say his is some evil mastermind then and not a moneygrubbing asshole.  Think about it.  He gets your money and pisses you off enough to waste your time coming to boards to bitch. 
  • JodokaiJodokai Member Posts: 1,621

    I never said he pissed me off, just said he was an asshole. Don't put words into my mouth. I just really annoys me when people think becaue he writes a good story that he's a saint. Like the people that think SOE is the only person resposible for messing up SWG and refuse to believe that Lucas Arts could possiblly mess anything up (you know the people that have missed most of the Star Wars games that have come up that were totally awful). They are the ones that piss me off.

    It's not a "waste of my time" I get to see how much my comments effect you and that's worth every second.

  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Member UncommonPosts: 1,528

    Does efrfect me.  I just need something to post to as an attempt to win a free beta account to DnL.  Annoying you is just part of the way to kill time while I try to do that. 

    But don;t you find it odd you contradict yourself?  Here you say he writes a good story, but before you complain about his writing.  Very odd behavior. 

  • ozgamerzozgamerz Member Posts: 138

    Woah, all you Star Wars fan out there... chill... you'll get your 2 cents when you watch it. Anyway, what's with all the disputes, Star Wars is still originated from the same old guy, Mr. George Lucas. Just get the ULTIMATE DVD collections by 2006 and you'll have it for ya life!!! Peace

  • JodokaiJodokai Member Posts: 1,621

    I never said it was bad writing. Please show me where I said "George Lucas can't write". The original story is good, it's an epic. RotJ is a trash movie. Big difference there.

    What I find funny is you can't come up with ANY realistic argument to my points so you've stooped to attacking me instead. That's how I know I'm getting to you, and what makes this whole thing fun.

  • Originally posted by JulianDracos

    I know from a marketing point of view and profit allowing books and Comic books was a good idea, but in terms of Star Wars development I truly hate it.  Some how because some book gets printed and people take it to be the truth and if the movies conflict with that then they get upset.  they are two seperate things.  If you enjoy the books then fine, but these are the movies and take precedence over the books.
    More than that, the books are not written by Lucas and were written AFTER RoJ.  So if the books make him about to be more than he was meants to be, blame the authors and not Lucas for making him more of a badass than he was supposed to be. 

     The books came out before any of the movies. The original, and first book

    "Star Wars : A New Hope : Journal of the Whills" came out 1 year before the movie. It was co-authored by Lucas and another guy. (This is where the rumor that Yoda is a Whill (his possible species) comes from.) And yes, originally Lucas wrote enough material to make 9 movies. He at first decided to do 3 movies. Now he says he'll do 6.

     In order of cannon:

      1. The first Star Wars book. (A MUST read! It gives a slight and nice idea of who the Emperor was/is. Fleshing him out a bit more. He's talked about in the opening.) In the movies he's not mentioned or introduced until the 2nd movie ESB.

      2. The 3 first Star Wars movies

      3. The book adaptations of the 3 first SW movies

      3b. Yeah, yeah, the SW holiday special. LOL!


      4. The original, first wave, of the EU. (Expanded Universe.) Books like "Han Solo beyond star's end", the Han Solo Triology, etc.... They came out in the 1980's.

      5. The SW board game. Which further fleshed out the SW universe. Gave names to the species in many of the movie scenes.

      6. The SWG MMORPG. (On the old official SWG site, Rich Vogel posted how LucasArts was now putting SWG as part of its cannon. This is the level where SWG would rank.)


     7. The second wave of EU. Starting with "Heir to the Empire". The Thrawn series. The X-Wing series. The entire Nahgarri (sp!) series. All books released during this time period.


     This is the point where many SW fans start to draw the line at what can, could, should, be included as "cannon".


     8. The SW comics by Marvel Comics. Ran throughout the 1980's.


     9. "Kiddie" SW books. Basically EU books that don't make sense, or that are tooo unbelieveable. Or that plain suck soo badly, no SW fan likes them. "Crystal Star" (or whatever its name is), SW kids books, coloring books, etc...

     10. The third wave of EU. The entire Yuzon Vong series. Chewie dying. Etc... etc... Many SW fans reject this brand of EU. Mostly because it is toooo blatantly milking the SW brandname.


     NOTE: Some fans, some "purists" reject the entire new SW movies. Some grudgingly accept it since... yep... Lucas did make them. For those who grudgingly accept TPM, AotC, and RotS (Revenge of the Sith), they all rank with #2.


     Sooo....... that is the order, and levels, of cannon in the Star Wars universe. Some override others. Like how Bobba Fett in the EU was some journeyman named Jester. That he was Jango Fett. That he killed off Jango. That there was a 3rd Fett. That Stormtroopers are not clones. Lucas gave the ok for the EU to print all of this as fact. But then Lucas goes around and makes movies going 100% against all this. Which overrides what?

     THEN in his movies he shows Fett dying in RotJ. But tooo many fans made petitions, drives, etc.... Lucas changed his mind and OK'd the EU to say Fett lived. = more $$$$ for Lucas to milk off the SW name.

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  • Originally posted by Jodokai

    Personally I think every movie made after Empire Strikes Back was pure crap. RotJ was just as bad, if not worse that episode 1. Let me prove my point:

    1. Jabba the Hutt, baddest gangster in the Universe. Thousands of people after his head and his job. Will so strong immune to Jedi mind tricks. How is he taken down? Choked out by a chained up broad in a bikini .

      It was already established Leia was force sensitive. So she was not just some "chained up broad in a bikini". She was a chained up force sensitive with slightly superhuman strength femm fatale in a bikini. (BTW, she is appearing in NYC, at the Collesium Bookstore. Located on 42nd street, near the corner of 42nd st and 5th Ave. At 6pm, on January 11th, 2004. image)

    2. Boba Fett, baddest Bounty Hunter is the Universe. Killed/captured hunderes of people including the legandary Han Solo. How is he taken down? A blind guy with a stick turns around (sure if you read the books this didn't kill him, whatever still the second dumbest thing I've ever seen in a movie, the first being making Greedo shot first)

      Check out the movie "Sponge Bob Square Pants". At the end the badguy wins. He owns everyone. No matter how flawless the badguy plans, no matter how hopeless it is for the forces of good, good must automatically win. No matter what. Blame it on the Hollywood formula.)

    3. Darth Vader, man who hunted down and killed nearly all the other jedi. Kills people just by looking at their image in a view screen, blocks laser blasts with his bare hand. How is he taken down? Couple of lighting bolts hit him. You know the same lighting bolts that his son had been taking for about 5 minutes with no long lasting effects.

       - Vader wanted to die.

       - The Emperor did not give Luke the full hit. Re-watch it. After the first volley of bolts at Luke, the Emperor pauses. Then gets back into it with stronger vigor, and determination.

      - All Jedi have different strengths. Some are stronger in "The living force". Some in "The combative force", some in "the future force", etc...

     Luke could've simply been far stronger in the living force than Anakin/Vador.

      - Vader is more machine than human. The bolts would affect him far differently than Luke.

      - When Vader lifted the Emperor, he signalled he wanted to die. Even if the bolts didn't affect him. Vader would've still wanted to look at Luke with his own eyes. He still would not have wanted to live on, as more machine than man. As a monster.

      - Vader was already weakened from the beating he took from battling Luke. PLUS from the metal war going on in his mind from Anakin battling Vader.

    4. The Emperor. Most powerful man in the Universe. Destryer of worlds. The man who gets called Master by the guy who killed all the jedi. How does he get taken down? His one armed student throws him over a railing...Uh yeah.

      - Yeah? And? So? As Luke said to him "Your arrogance is your weakness!". And the Emperor responded saying "Your value for your friends is your weaknessssssss!".

      - The Empeor a few mins before tested Vader when Luke tried to slice open the Emperor. Vader passed the test. Thus the Emperor never, ever, never, saw Vaders betrayal coming. Since he tested Vader a few mins before, and Vader SAVED the Emperor's life.

    5. Stormtroopers. The deadliest troops in the galaxy, cloned from the man who is the baddest Bounty Hunter (yeah thought that part was stupid too). How are they taken down? Teddy Bear sized Ewoks throw wooden spears and rocks. (don't we make fun of Poland because they attacked Tanks with Swords on horse back?)

       - Back to my above point about you needing to go watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. Good MUST always win, no matter what. No matter if the odds are 1 million to 1 in favor of evil. It is a Hollywood formula. Make your own movie and see how well it sells if the heros get killed off LOL!

    I don't think I need to say anything about Episode I. That's pretty much universally accepted as worthless.

       Take out every scene with you know who, cut the first 20 mins, and it is a decent movie actually! The storyline is flawless. The acting yes is subpar. Not the worse ever, but not the best. Just barely avarage. They did need better lines/script.

    Episode II

    1. We learn that Anakin becomes Darth Vader, the most vile and hated being in the Universe, all becasue HE MISSES HIS MOMMY.

      No. He becomes Vader because he is weak and easily tempted by the darkside. Reason's why he's weak:

      - He is an uber human. This makes him conceeted, headstrong, puffs his ego unnaturally high, "I know everything! I know more than everyone else! I don't need to listen to anyone!".

     - Yoda originally was right, he is/was too old to be trained. In other words, the negative parts of his personality were already formed. It was too late to 100% mold him. The best they could hope for was 60% mold him.

      - He gets manipulated by the Emperor/Darth Sidious. "They hold you back!" He tells Anakin exactly what Anakin wants to hear.

     - THEN you have the problems with his mother. He misses her. He never has a full relationship with her. This further allows him to be open to being manipulated.

    2. Read number 1 again.

    Read my points again. What do you think? BTW, I do agree with your points on the good guys winning no matter how unbelieveable it was. But hey, Hollywood happens. Just ask Plankton in Sponge Bob Square Pants. image

     Here's another example. Tom Cruise and Spielberg are doing an up to date remake of "War of the Worlds". The other beings have mastered space travel, uber weapons, and are 100% unstoppable. Yet their scientists are unable to make a medicine to combat some earth bacteria? Or to make their own spacesuits?!?    Hollywood happens. Good must always win, not matter what. Blame Hollywood. image

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  • abbabaabbaba Member Posts: 1,143
    If EP 3 is anything like the last 2 its going to suck...I hope lucas had an enlightening vision or something image

  • ozgamerzozgamerz Member Posts: 138

    I think that the role of Darth Vader will not suit well with Christen Haydenson. He just look a little too young. The Darth Vader suit is so heavy and strong, I wonder why he was chosen to cast this role. What do you guys think?

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