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A possible alternative

B1mbleB1mble Member CommonPosts: 148

With the demise of FEZ it has been pretty hard to come up with something similar.  As a suggestion, for those interested, try Mount and Blade Warband with the cRPG mod added on multiplayer.

It lacks the fantasy element but does offer cavalry, fairly authentic combat, endless character customisation, loads of weapons, 100 v100 plus battles, open warfare and castle sieges, and a massively high skill ceiling.


Apart from the initial outlay for the game the rest is free :D  I believe that at the moment it is less than £20 from some outlets.


  • FeverfewFeverfew Member Posts: 120

    I came here to ask if anyone knew of any games similair to FEZ, and you'd already posted this xD

    Thanks. ^^ I doubt anything can replace FEZ, but I hope that this one comes close...

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